Optimise ad spend with Awin’s attribution performance report

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Our new report brings SingleView’s insights into our UI, making it easier than ever to better allocate ad spend across your affiliate programme.

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We know the consumer path to purchase is very complex, with many interactions influencing a decision. And while there’s a host of tools brands can use to try and measure influence, the solutions tend to capture data in silos and examine one marketing medium. 

Thankfully, Awin’s unbiased attribution technology SingleView can holistically measure the consumer journey across partners and channels, so you can funnel investment into those producing value. With our new attribution performance report, SingleView’s key insights are now at your fingertips in the UI to make monitoring, measuring and acting on the activity of your affiliate partners easier than ever before.  

 Why should I use the attribution performance report?  

The report displays incrementality in a simplified way, showing a publisher’s true contribution in the customer journey, offering insight into which partners bring the most value and how your online channels work together. With this information, you can determine future digital strategy and ad spend for maximum impact.  

When navigating the report, you’ll see data organised by attribution, funnel and incrementality. 

  • Attributed performance: Contribution per publisher to ensure you work closely with those adding value. 

  • Funnel distribution: Revenue driven by partners in the upper, middle, and lower conversion funnels to actively shape and control activities. 
  • Channel or publisher type funnel: 
    • Upper, mid and lower funnel: Where in the consumer journey a channel or publisher type was involved, as well as how they play a role and are more responsible for the customer's interest, research or conversion. 
    • Solo: Which channels/publisher types drove unassisted conversions (i.e. nothing else was involved in the buying process). This is useful when trying to reach a specific audience, as these channels or partners have access to a unique audience that other marketing channels don’t.    
    • Reward accordingly: Monitor activity that drives sales but is not rewarded.

  • Incrementality indicator: The correlation between incentivised activities and average order value (AOV).  
    • Incentive publisher value: The impact of incentive publishers on AOV to better allocate ad spend to those generating higher basket values.  
    • Measure campaign success: Measure how campaigns with incentives such as discount codes impact order value. 

These insights, integrated into our UI, let you simply and effectively distribute investment to the partners and channels producing results, as well as helps
illustrate the value affiliates have on your brand compared to other marketing channels. 

 The attribution performance report is exclusive to Awin advertisers using SingleView. Access these insights by implementing SingleView through the Awin MasterTag plugin on your affiliate programme today. 


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