Know exactly how your activity is driving value

Use SingleView to confidently invest in and improve the ROAS of your partners and campaigns


Data-driven SaaS or service platform

Activated via Awin MasterTag

Transparency down to individual partners

Exact return based on contribution

Value attributed in unbiased way

Better-informed marketing decisions

Move beyond last click  with SingleView

Awin’s unbiased attribution technology SingleView empowers advertisers and their agency partners to understand the complete path to conversion outside of last click to smartly and confidently invest marketing budgets for maximum return on investment.

  • Track every customer touchpoint: Gathering data in an unbiased way, SingleView measures each individual consumer interaction in both converting and non-converting journeys to assess your marketing activity for unique insights that enhance performance.
  • Implement easily:  Unlike other attribution technologies SingleView can be simply activated via Awin’s MasterTag or directly integrated on site, requiring no complex integration to look beyond first/last click in an easy-to-use platform.
  • Invest with confidence: With SingleView you know exactly how your digital channels and partners operate independently and together to drive value, so you can strategically and confidently reward activities that meet business objectives.

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