Awin Talks: How big is partner marketing in the US today?

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Tricia Meyer from the Performance Marketing Association joins the podcast to share insights from the recent US industry report.

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The recently published Performance Marketing Industry Study provides a rare glimpse into the health of affiliate and partner marketing in the United States.  

Thanks to the collaboration of several high-profile affiliate platforms (including Awin and ShareASale), and the PMA’s hard work, we can take a look under the hood and see how the wider industry there is faring since the last study in 2018. 

And the headline results are that it’s doing extremely well. $9.1bn in ad spend invested by US businesses with an average ROI of $12:1 over the course of 2021. That’s at a time of extreme economic pressure and highly unusual macro factors.  

Rob and Kevin dove into the detail of the study with the PMA’s Executive Director Tricia Meyer to find out more. Tricia explains how they went about developing this year’s study and reveals some of the most interesting insights they came across when assessing the numbers. 

Also on the podcast this month, and sticking with the US focus, Rob chats to Joe Sanfilippo from the agency Today’s Business about a content-led campaign it ran for the sunglasses brand Tomahawk Shades. 

Recently awarded the US Partnership Award for Best Content Partnership, the campaign was a fantastic example of an agency going the extra mile to develop close relationships with influential media partners.  

And in other news that’s discussed by the podcast hosts this week, Rob and Kevin reference the recent Awin Black Tie event in the UK, the launch of new strategic partnerships with two customer reward portal solutions, and another award Awin is up for at this year’s Marketing Week ceremony for a brand partnership campaign. 
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