Collaborate on email copy with the Email Campaign Approvals tool

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Awin has launched a new Email Campaign Approvals tool making it easy to create compliant email copy. 


Facilitating collaboration between advertisers and publishers, the tool allows advertisers to easily review copy and mailshots to ensure they meet any legal requirements or advertiser brand guidelines. This is particularly beneficial for industries such as finance, where there are strict legislative requirements for advertising.

New to the launched tool is the possibility to directly start the conversation with the advertiser and/or publisher through the chat functionality and the tool is now fully integrated in the Awin interface. 

The tool can be used by any advertiser who wants to maintain a level of control over email copy, by requesting that publishers on their programme submit their mailings through the Email Campaign Approvals tool:

  1. Publishers simply upload their mailing copy or HTML to the tool for approval, found under the Links & Tools section of the Awin UI.
  2. Advertisers receive a notification when a publisher has submitted their copy.
  3. Advertisers can then approve, comment and suggest an edit/s to make sure the message meets the potential legal regulations or internal requirements.
  4. Once approved, the publisher can proceed with sending out the mailing, and advertisers can be confident their brand is being represented correctly.

To get started, see our wiki for full instructions.
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