In Good Company with Awin: Dirk Delfgaauw

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As an affiliate network, you are at the heart of an intensive & dynamic triangular partnership.


Our account managers, technical consultants, industry experts, sales managers, the marketing team, etc. have regular, or even daily, contact with our partners. But who are those Awin people behind that phone call or email conversation actually?

This week it's up to senior accountmanager and Industry lead Telecom Team Dirk Delfgaauw to share a little bit about himself and his role at Awin.

Would you like to introduce yourself to the readers? Who are you and what makes your role within Awin special? 

Hi! My name is Dirk Delfgaauw, 32 years and born in the pearl of the south (read : Breda). I moved to our nations capital around 5 years ago, where I am still living and working and still enjoying every minute of it, 3 of these years I have been part of the Awin family. In my role as senior accountmanager I am responsible for the campaign of the KPN group (KPN, Telfort, Simyo & XS4ALL).  Next to this I have taken on the role of Industry Lead Telecom, where I  am responsible for the results of the entire Telecom portfolio of Awin. Together with the team we are responsible for spotting trends, giving  advice to our partners en make sure to act on these trends and development in the affiliate program of our advertisers.  All of this makes my role dynamic, where every day brings an new opportunity and for me this is unique within Awin. 

Can you mention something you achieved at Awin that you're very proud of? What do you consider to be your biggest Awin success?

After completing my Master Marketing Management I started working for advertising and creative agencies, where I was mainly involved in branding and positioning. In my early days the focus was still on offline, but in the course of time the focus shifted towards online and I was looking for a position in which I could specialize in the field of marketing. At Awin I not only got the opportunity to gain experience in performance marketing but also to think outside the traditional box to add value to publishers and advertisers.

In my role I am in contact with numerous people, both performance and online marketers, as well as data analysts and of course publishers. By switching across multiple disciplines and sharing these insights with my team, we were able to make a quality leap, with a renewed focus on the quality of the performance. There was a need for this from the market and this is certainly something I am proud of that I have achieved together with my team.

I'm also proud that we recently launched our first Awin Telecom Sector Report (in Dutch), which can also be downloaded from our website from today. The report is full of interesting insights, advice and opinion pieces about a number of important developments in the industry. 

What are you looking forward to this year? 

I am most looking forward to working with the team to further grow the Telecom segment this year. Not only by focusing on the acquisition of new customers for our providers, but also by focusing on the retention of existing customers. Where previously the promotion of broadband and mobile products were completly separate, we are now seeing an  increasingly focus on the combination of such products as the market is moving in that direction. A good example of this is the "CombiVoordeel", read all about this in our first Telecom report. I look forward to continuing to provide our telecom advertisers and publisher with advice and we would like to talk to you about the upcoming developments and see together how we can make the most of them.

And would you like to give the reader an Awin reading or listening tip?

Of course my first recommendation is the for everybody to read the very first Awin Industry Telecom Report in order to be fully informed about the trends in this industry. And of course the next editions to come. Listening tip? The Awin Chats is an interesting podcast series about the latest trends and developments in marketing & media.