In good company with Awin: Mike van den Bos

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As an affiliate network, you are at the heart of an intensive & dynamic triangular partnership. Our account managers, technical consultants, industry experts, sales managers, the marketing team, etc. have regular, or even daily, contact with our partners. But who are those Awin people behind that phone call or email conversation actually?


In our series 'In good company with Awin' we want to give a face to colleagues who work for our advertisers, publishers and our network every day. After all, without these ambitious, hard-working colleagues, Awin would not exist. Plus, every single one of them is great fun, of course!

That is why we want to use a series of interviews to introduce you to some of the driving forces behind Awin Benelux. Who are they? And what are they busy with at the moment? With four questions we try to give you a little insight into the person by, among other things, exposing their current focus points and near future expectations.

Our second Awin colleague who tells you his story is Mike, Industry Lead Belgium and also Client Services Manager.

  • Would you like to introduce yourself to the readers? Who are you and what makes your role within Awin special?

My name is Mike van den Bos, I’ve been working at Awin for almost 5 years. I currently fulfil the role as industry Lead Belgium and Client Services Manager.

 As Industry Lead Belgium, I have immersed myself in the Belgian online market and culture. In just a year and a half, I have met many publishers and advertisers, attended  several events, and broadened my knowledge of the Belgian online market enormously. Meanwhile, we also have a number of Belgian employees here in Amsterdam who are teaching us a lot about our southern neighbours.

 Having a dual role in the company, I’m also responsible for further professionalization, and innovation of the services we provide to our advertisers in the Benelux. In concrete terms, this means that I’m occupied with coaching and training employees, improving internal processes, and looking for new opportunities to differentiate, and to stand out in our line of business.

  • Can you mention something you achieved at Awin that you're very proud of? What do you see as your biggest Awin success?

Over the course of five years, we have accomplished many things with the Awin Benelux team of which I am very proud of. But if I had to choose one thing, it would be the progress that we have made on the Belgian market. Awin is now the network of choice for many publishers and advertisers. New advertisers know how to find us through word – of – mouth advertising, and we receive a lot of positive feedback from our partners, which makes me personally very happy. After all, that’s the reason why we work so hard!

  • What are you looking forward to this year?

I’m very curious to see how our Awin platform is going to be received and used by our publishers and advertisers. There are now a lot more tools and functions available through which we can support our partners in achieving their goals to the best of our ability. It is really nice to be able to jointly discuss the issues that they present us, and find a way to provide them with a (technical) solution.

I also really look forward to the third of May because our Awin Day BE event will take place at the beursschouwburg in Brussels. As industry Lead, I will touch upon the developments at Awin and in the market place. A variety of external speakers will also attend our event and share their knowledge. If you haven’t signed up yet, click here.

  • And would you like to give the reader an Awin reading or listening tip?

A new version of our annual "Awin Report" has recently been published. You’ll find interesting information about both the Benelux market as well as other countries in which we operate. Definitely, a must – read!