Awin launches The Awin Challenge 2017

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We’re excited to unveil The Awin Challenge, offering publishers and advertisers the opportunity to drive summer sales and the chance to win a prestigious prize.


Awin Challenge calendar

Starting today until 7th August 2017, The Awin Challenge offers value for advertisers and publishers. For the next four weeks advertisers will provide exclusive top promotions for publishers, who in turn will utilise their platforms to share these promotions with their audiences, extending reach and driving summer sales. Each Monday we will send newsletters listing our best advertiser promotions, end-customer incentives and commissions to aid motivation and performance throughout the competition. The Challenge will culminate with the winning publisher and advertiser teams being awarded our prestigious prize: an invitation to Awin’s renowned annual black tie networking event, 'A Twisted Fairytale' alongside fellow winning publishers, advertisers and senior management from across the globe. The prize includes luxury transfers to and from the venue, and overnight hotel stay at a secret location.  

Natasha Watkinson, Affiliate Marketing Manager at Plusnet says: “Last year Plusnet booked its first table at the Awin Black Tie and we were thrilled with the whole evening…there was so much to entertain our guests and it was great to see so many faces from the industry and make new connections. We will be back!”  

Please see below for a sneak peek into the event last year. 

 Please click here for further information on The Awin Challenge. 

Let the challenge begin.