Autosalon Rally – The road to success

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How to use the Autosalon promotion period to grow, maximize its potential and win our rally? There are some tips that may be useful. The information may sound familiar, but that only indicates your website is already adequate. Therefore try to just adapt the parts that are not optimal yet.


Autosalon Rally – The road to success

In general complete and clear information is essential. This includes information about the bank, the monthly fees and the annual rates (APR). Because of the growing online content, customers experience an overload of information therefore they will try to quickly scan your website. Research proves that most of the time this happens according to a F-Form[i]. So it would be more effective to put the most important information on the left side and the top of your website.

Furthermore you can establish a clear overview by emphasizing certain positions, for example by using different colors. In addition, a positive message is generally received better than a negative message[ii]. On your website this can be done for example by highlighting a top three financial partners.

Also there are different “triggers” that activate consumers. They can be seen as shortcuts which speed up the decision process of individuals. An example of this is social confirmation. When making important choices, like financial decisions, consumers trust the opinion of others. Therefore having sections like “What others say” and “already …. People applied” create added value.

A second decisive factor for consumers is the opinion of experts.  Consequently a quote from an expert on the subject increases the reliability. It is important to establish a certain level of credibility before asking the consumers to do something. As a result it is better to put the call to actions “click here” or “subscribe” at the end.

Additionally, scarcity gives the last push. By emphasizing that the conditions have never been this good, the consumers feel they may miss out on a great deal if they don’t act now[iii].

Hopefully these tips will give you a little insight into how you can benefit even more from the Autosalon 2017.  We wish you good luck! 



[ii] How to speak so that people want to listen | Julian Treasure

[iii] The tips are based on, which gives a summary of the book Influence of Cialdini