Vida na Awin

Amanda Lima

In 2012 I concluded a technical course of Business and Management in ETEC, which helped me to choose Marketing as a Bachelor Degree, that I started in 2013 and concluded on December, 2016. I started at Awin on May, 2015 as New Business Intern helping with operational part and with Small Clients. I became New Business Manager in 2016 focused in SME proposals and management.

  1. What do you do on a daily basis?

As a New Business Manager I work with commercial part in different ways:

  • Prospect and qualification of clients using platforms like Salesforce, e-mail, phone and LinkedIn
  • Business meeting and calls
  • Sending personalized proposals to the clients
  • Creation of contracts
  • Technical requests
  • Affiliate program creation
  • Support of new programs

2. What are your biggest challenges at Awin?

The challenges of working in a commercial department, inside of a segment that is growing in the local market, are to introduce a new subject of Digital Marketing, deal with client’s insecurities about this market and align different processes and operations to open an affiliate program that corresponds to the consumer expectations.

3. How do you keep motivated?

What keeps me motivated are the new challenges that each client represents, which makes me think of different proposals and resolutions for their conditions. Another point that motivates me is the team, which is open to new ideas and collaborate for a good work environment.

4. What Skills are needed for your job?

Smart listening – to understand the client’s objectives and needs making the proposal process easier when we have this information.

Communication – using communication skills is very important for the New Business department, because it helps to demonstrate to advertisers the main characteristics of Awin and how we can do to help them have the best development in the performance marketing. Good communication with the other departments also help a good development, once all the areas are somehow connected in the sales process.

Detail and organization – essential to understand facts about the client, which can help in the negotiation.