Vida na Awin

Marcos Souza

I started at Awin a bit longer than one year ago, after working with clients in the financial industry, and two years working with Market Research focused in “house consuming”. Here, I found myself in a completely new moment, as I only heard a bit about affiliate marketing before, and since then I have been discovering a new marketing in constant evolution, with various opportunities.

  1. What makes you love your job?

It is impossible to choose only one thing I love about Awin. Here, I feel really welcomed and an important part of a bit team, where I can relate with the people and their goals. And the most important part is that here I can be completely myself, without any limitations.

2. How do you keep motivated?

We deal with many challenges, daily, at Awin. However, it is a place where we can develop as people and professionals. To know that I am part of a company that allows me to meet people and different cultures that transcend the limitations of one country, is what motivates me the most.

3. What is your favorite thing about Awin?

The people, the people, and the people! Since my first day here, it became clear that the best part of Awin are the teams. There is a good energy, personalities and sense of humor here. And I could see in the last Aspen party, that it doesn’t matter if you are from Brazil, Germany, UK or Benelux, if you are a colleague, you are amazing.

4. What skills are needed at your job?

Obviously an account manager needs some technical abilities that are really helpful, but, more importantly is to have in mind that we need to create long term relationships with our publishers and advertisers. For that, first we need to recognize the quality of our work, understand the needs of our partners and, in some moments, know when to say “no”.