Awin launches third edition of The Awin Report

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Celebrating the affiliate channel’s digital diversity, global affiliate network Awin launches The Awin Report 2019. 

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The Report provides a compelling overview of the affiliate channel and why its inherent variety is an antidote to the issues currently plaguing online advertising.

Featuring commentary from almost 80 different companies and organizations across the industry, the Report reveals:

  • An estimated return of 16 to one for advertiser spend in the affiliate channel
  • More than half of online shoppers have interacted with an affiliate service in the last six months
  • An affiliate campaign The Hut Group ran for one its brands resulted in a 250% YoY revenue increase
  • How the BT Group increased customer retention 20% YoY for its broadband providers through the affiliate channel
  • The reinvention of HP’s affiliate activity to drive a return on spend 33% above target

Shifting away from a central, network-focused perspective, the latest edition of The Awin Report hears firsthand from various advertiser, publisher, agency and tech provider partners to highlight the range of the affiliate channel, demonstrated by the spectrum of partners, sectors, partnerships, business models and tech solutions it facilitates.

Additionally, the Report features numerous case studies showcasing affiliate campaigns that delivered powerful results with brands including the BT Group, Sephora, HP and The Hut Group. Coupled with thought leadership essays written by experts on topics like influencer marketing and regulation, The Awin Report 2019 provides a comprehensive and essential guide for all digital players.

“Following a turbulent 2018 with digital scandals and data privacy dilemmas dominating the headlines, more than ever brands are in need of a marketing channel that offers stability, transparency and guaranteed return on investment. Likewise the dangers of the Facebook and Google duopoly in advertising were brought to the forefront of both advertiser’s and consumer’s minds. As the number of affiliate partnerships continues to grow, the industry provides a healthy antidote to increased advertising homogeneity through the breadth and diversity of deeply-forged partnerships. We hope the report provides a clear indication of the channel’s ability to be a trusted custodian of precious marketing budgets,” comments Kevin Edwards, global client strategy at Awin.

The Awin Report 2019 is available to download for free here.

The first of its kind and with a reach of over 10,000 downloads, The Awin Report was initially published in 2017 - offering a comprehensive guide to the state of affiliate marketing industry across 11 markets around the globe, telling the story from the network’s perspective. The second edition published in 2018 brought an updated take on common themes that resonated across multiple markets.

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