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The Awin Report 2019 tells the many varied stories of a marketing channel that is digitally diverse. 


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In an era of increasing consolidation where tech monoliths preside over advertisers’ budgets, users’ personal data and publishers’ fates, the affiliate industry is one that empowers all of its participants.

Built on a performance model that is robust, transparent, data-light and flexible, it can be fashioned to any objective and provides access to a constant influx of new, innovative e-commerce technology.

In this - the third edition of our annual definitive guide to the global affiliate industry - we provide a platform for our partners to share their insights on the state of affiliate marketing from a vast array of perspectives. Publishers, advertisers, agencies, influencer platforms, regulatory experts, industry bodies, and many more. All get their chance to speak thanks to a series of in-depth interviews, Q&As and thought leader articles. 
Entwined within that tapestry of voices are an array of case studies showcasing the channel’s ability to shape itself to any goal, as well as numerous charts, graphs and insights that provide a wealth of informative context.
Taken together, The Awin Report 2019 builds a comprehensive portrait of an industry that celebrates its inherent diversity and its ability to always adapt to the fast-changing world of digital advertising.

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