Awin Talks: The Awin Report 2019 launch and interviews

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In episode eight of Awin Talks, the strategy team discusses The Awin Report 2019 and conducts interviews with primary contributors.

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Providing a compelling overview of the affiliate channel, The Awin Report is back with a third edition for 2019. In the eighth episode of Awin Talks, Rob, Kevin and Craig discuss some of the following:

  • What #TheAwinReport is and the purpose it serves to the industry
  • This year's theme of 'digital diversity'
  • Current state of the affiliate marketing industry

Both Kevin and Rob conduct interviews with primary contributors from Groupon, Equator, Telegraph and RevLifter - all featured within The Awin Report 2019 - where they discuss the current state of the industry from their perspective.

You can download a digital interactive copy of The Awin Report 2019 for free. And, if you’d like to contact us about future subjects to focus on in the Awin Talks podcast please email Kevin, Craig and Rob.

Our podcasts are available on a range of platforms, including AppleSpotifyGoogle and SoundCloud.

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