Awin Talks: Globalization panel discussion, ITP tracking update and new coupon (voucher) attribution tool

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In this edition of the Awin Talks global podcast, Global Strategy takes a look at the latest GDPR rulings in the media. 

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They also examine the imminent updates to ITP tracking and Awin's new voucher (coupon) attribution tool.

In the July episode of Awin Talks, Craig reports on the impact for affiliates in the US around the changing ‘nexus tax’ legislation, and Kevin discusses recent new rulings in Europe in the wake of the GDPR’s onset and what they might mean for the affiliate industry. 

Rob interviews members of Awin’s global account management teams to understand more about the importance of considering local characteristics when managing affiliate programs abroad, and also catches up with the network’s recently appointed Global Product Marketing Manager, Ed Chaput, to hear more about the brand new voucher (coupon) attribution tool and the likely consequences of Apple’s recent Intelligent Tracking Prevention update to its Safari browser.

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