Life at Awin

Grant MacLeod

Our Engineering Environment - Grant MacLeod, Group Engineering Director

Our London-based Development team at Awin focuses on a combination of innovative product development and enhancements to the group’s platforms. Our teams are filled with highly motivated, extremely talented and experienced technologists who work closely with our Product and Architecture teams to develop market-leading creative solutions using cutting edge technical platforms.  

We are currently made up of five development teams, all of which are located within a fun, friendly and modern development environment. We, as a group, have designed our own unique development space, with lots of break out areas, physical boards and an abundance of whiteboard space to brainstorm around. Each team is supported by an amazing team of hugely talented Lean Delivery Agents, who help to optimise the team’s performance and practices.  

For the development and deployment of our high performance web applications, we utilise predominantly the LAMP stack. We have a focus on PHP development with a number of our teams also developing within Java. Across our teams we utilise PHPSpec to help us write clean and working code using BDD and use BeHat as our BDD framework for PHP development. For our deployment within our PHP teams we use PHPCI. Across our Java teams we use a number of technologies including Jenkins for CI, Junit, Nodejs, Wildfly and Jquery.   

All development teams work closely on a daily basis with our Architecture team and gain daily exposure and development experience across a number of core technologies surrounding our Hadoop stack including Kafka, Hbase, Cassandra, Spark and Oozie.  

The Awin development group environment is a fantastic place to work. Each developer has clearly defined goals, objectives, and has visibility of the development and technology group’s vision and strategy. We get exposure to a broad suite of industry leading technologies and practices, and actively contribute to open source projects.