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We connect advertisers and publishers of all sizes to help their business grow online.

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We're passionate about affiliate marketing. And we're not afraid to say it.

Here at Awin, we're committed to creating the most diverse, connected and effective affiliate network.Our experienced team builds powerful technology, uncovers new insights and invests in service to deliver the best results for clients big and small.

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From 17 locations across the world, we blend global reach with local expertise. Awin is the new name for the Affiliate Window and zanox networks which have been growing businesses online since 2000.

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Our board

"Awin is driven by a relentless desire to connect advertisers and publishers together for mutual success. We are privileged to work with many of the world’s most recognised brands and our publisher network is rich with opportunity. The pure CPA model that underpins affiliate marketing continues to grow in popularity as the modern advertiser demands greater levels of clarity and certainty on their ad spend. Our desire to push forward the boundaries of technology and innovation alongside our experience, duty of care and strategic insight form the foundation of our company. Expanding this approach across the globe ensures the security our clients expect and the growth and reach they seek, are never compromised."
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