Tips & Tricks to boost your lead generation

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You have an attractive website, good content and are ready to receive new visitors. Generating leads should be at the top of your to do list. That is exactly why Awin has compiled a list of tips and tricks to boost your lead generation.


Tips & Tricks to boost your lead generation
  1. Who are my customers?

A common beginner error is to not have a clear concrete profile. The key is to ask yourself which problem you solve for the customer. Then make sure you speak the customer’s language by putting yourself in their shoes. Which information would you like to receive, at what time and by what means? 

  1. Save all lead generation data

It is necessary to map your customer's customer journey. Therefore, always save available information so that your future campaigns can be more powerful and can effectively respond to the information you have obtained from the website. This way you get insight into the number of visitors as well as the leads and sales per channel. This allows you to create segmented retardation lists and use the appropriate channels. 

  1. Move along

A customer evolves and so should you. It is necessary to keep up to date on emerging trends and developments. Respond, move along and look at the chances that bring about it. 

  1. Don’t be afraid to experiment

Have you spotted an interesting trend in your industry or marketing? Do not be afraid! Experiment, make mistakes and learn from it. It is important to measure these "experiments" well. This will provide insight and provide lessons for the future. 

  1. Continuous optimal customer journey

After the entire journey from attracting to purchase, you naturally want tp keep the customer. Therefore, you should establish a good loyalty strategy by approaching the customer with personalized promotions. In addition, it is also important to ask for feedback that you process to optimize your webshop.

Furthermore, keep in mind that everyone is constantly overloaded with unwanted information. Constant pushing of information will not be appreciated if this is not done simply, unique, user-friendly and with a personal touch.