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ORPIVA’s full-service platform supports brands to create authentic, data-led influencer partnerships and unique product experiences for their consumers. 

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With Cyber Weekend fast approaching, influencer campaigns are at the forefront of many brand strategies. Influencer marketing continues to prove its worth, via its adaptability to new platforms and formats; just note the exponential growth of TikTok and its ability to connect with live consumer audiences via live streaming and Q&As.

How can brands ensure they are getting the most out of their campaigns? Nicola Wellington, Influencer Partnerships Manager at Awin, catches up with Nick Jackson, CMO at ORPIVA, the full-service platform and marketplace for brands, influencers and consumers, to discuss how brands can create winning influencer marketing campaigns.

What is ORPIVA?

 From our global community of influencers, we connect the right influencer to your brand campaign, empowering the Influencers with AI tools (based on Machine Learning and Knowledge Graph Analysis) to create immersive and authentic Product Experiences (PX). We use a data-driven approach to establish what works and what doesn’t in our creative ideation phase to give you unique results.

We also specialize in Product Experiences such as Augmented Reality (AR), StoryQuests and many more.

What was the inspiration behind ORPIVA?

The idea for ORPIVA came to our founders Salman and Bjoern, when they were studying AI and Robotics at University. At the time they were really busy and bought everything online. Going online and being followed by ads felt annoying to them. The problem was they were never relevant, and the consumer was forced to look at something that made no sense and wasn’t fun. Finally, once the product was bought, the advertisement picture and the reality never seemed to match up and, more often than not, the goods had to be returned, adding to the unnecessary carbon footprint. They wondered if ads could be made more relevant and narrated by trusted people the consumer cared for without violating privacy. They soon set out to tackle the problem head on, seeing the creation of ORPIVA.

Graduates of the Top EU AI and Machine Learning tech accelerator ‘Founders Factory,’ ORPIVA has since formed strategic partnerships with some of the most recognized brands in the world, with a simple mission to allow audiences to connect with brands and create authentic Product Experiences in more meaningful ways.

What makes ORPIVA different from other platforms within the influencer industry?

As an influencer platform, we leverage technology to create Product Experiences that can be tailored towards a brand’s objectives, whether it be brand awareness or sales. An example of this can be seen with a campaign with a leading sportswear brand, who were looking to create content that could reach huge audiences but which didn’t have an extensive carbon footprint involving influencer gifting. ORPIVA generated Augmented Reality filters to perfectly replicate specific products in 3D for influencers and their audience to have an immersive experience where they could personalize the product. This resulted in a surge of deeply personalized User Generated Content and massively increased brand engagement.

How can brands work with ORPIVA via Awin?

ORPIVA is fully integrated with Awin and provides a bespoke dashboard to each client that records all relevant campaign data. All affiliate links are created through Awin and shown within the dashboard in order to track those key KPIs, as well as others associated to influencer campaigns such as views, sales, engagements, and sticker taps. Brands can quickly and easily integrate on the Awin platform.

How can brands leverage influencer marketing for Cyber Weekend?

Using influencers to create ads is a great way to get noticed during Cyber Weekend. However, proceed with caution as the best performing content that drives conversions are often those that are very natural, and fit seamlessly as if they were an organic post on the influencer’s feed. It’s also important to make it clear what the promotion or offer is to the audience to incentivize action, as well as making the first couple of seconds interesting and stand out! For context, last cyber weekend ORPIVA ran a pilot with a retail partner utilizing heavily-edited brand-generated assets in conjunction with influencer generated content. The influencer content outperformed all other media types 3:1, highlighting the opportunity to bring influencers and their content into paid social efforts.

What has been your favourite campaign from 2021? Why?

Having worked closely with advertisers this year to develop ORPIVA’s performance product, an influencer product specifically designed to achieve sales from social media, it’s been great seeing results coming through. In particular, our latest campaign with a leading electronics supplier saw 173% increase in comparison to industry benchmarks taking a data-first approach utilizing TikTok.

Targeting a niche audience of students in Ireland, the campaign was activated through a focus group of content creators with test videos released on the platform to help determine the most effective influencer brief to move forward with. Following the data provided, influencers were brought in to create content, of which the best performing was redeployed as advertisements.

What makes a successful influencer campaign?

It is important to match a brand’s objectives with the right influencer strategy. Different content formats will provide different metrics for a campaign; therefore a deep understanding of what success looks like for an advertiser is crucial, and making sure a data-led approach is adopted when it comes to matching influencers to brands.

What trends do you envision within the influencer industry for 2022?

We regularly work with financial partners and ensure that both ASA guidelines as well as FCA regulations are taken care of. In 2022, however, we anticipate an even stricter approach from regulators which will make things more transparent for the consumer. This is a great step forward for the industry, and increases the importance of long term, authentic brand partnerships. 

We also predict a rise in new Product Experiences (PX), using Augmented Reality (AR) filters to showcase a product or brand experience. Not only can this approach create mass UGC through competitions, but also reduces the need to gift items and offers a new experience with which to interact with a brand or product.

What does a brand partnership with ORPIVA look like?

We have a suite of products that can be tailored towards a brand’s KPIs, ranging from AR experiences through to campaigns that involve existing customers of the brand. Once we are clear on a brand’s objectives, we match up the best strategy and tactics. For example, learning how a leading telco provider struggled to explain their offering in a clear and ‘human’ way, a content format ORPIVA has developed and introduced is ‘StoryQuests,’ where influencers create bespoke video tours of content that guide users around a product or service, that can be interacted with in real time.  

What can brands look forward to from ORPIVA in 2022?

Based on the success of our performance product this year that primarily utilizes TikTok, 2022 will also see the roll out on both IG Reels and YouTube Shorts which we are very excited about.

Also on our roadmap are plans to support both influencers and brands to monetize their content through NFTs leveraging Blockchain technology.

If you want to leverage the power of influencer partnerships with the help of the ORPIVA platform, please contact our Publisher Success team.

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