Section 172(1) Statement

Section 172(1) Statement | Awin

    Statement by the directors in accordance with s172(1) Companies Act 2006

    The board of directors of Awin Ltd, which is a subsidiary company of the wider Axel Springer Group, are committed to maintaining the Company’s culture and achieving its purpose which ultimately leads to increasing value for the ultimate parent company.

     The likely consequences of any decision in the long term

    Throughout the year, the Board considered the long-term consequences of the decisions it made, focusing on the interests of relevant stakeholders as appropriate.

    The directors have assessed the impact of COVID-19 on the Company, including a review of the customer base, customer contract terms and cash collection, operations, staff working arrangements and capacity. At present, the directors believe that the Company is well placed to continue without any adverse operational or financial impact.

    The Company is committed to developing new products and features for use by both merchants and affiliates and continues to work hard to attract new merchants and affiliates to the network.

     The interests of the company’s employees

    The Company is committed to providing employees with information on matters of concern on a regular basis. The Awin board provides a monthly company update where all employees are regularly informed about the financial results of the Awin group and all strategic projects. The Company also has various platforms such as a new intranet, employee feedback surveys and Microsoft Teams to provide the information and to invite views and suggestions from employees to address their concerns.

     The need to foster the company’s business relationship with suppliers, customers and others

    Awin is continuously in close contact with publishers and advertisers to develop the business. The well-known events are the Think Tank and Black Tie held annually. These bring our stakeholders together to share industry knowledge and discuss future developments. Topics discussed at these events are then considered at internal management meetings and best solutions will be implemented.

     The impact of the company’s operations on the community and the environment

    The Company is committed to its equal opportunity policy which follows best practice, based on equal opportunities for all employees, irrespective of race, religion, sex, colour, age, national origin, pregnancy, sexual orientation and physical ability etc and offers appropriate training and career development for disabled staff. The policy governs all areas of employment and on the job training.

    The Company has a working from home policy which helps minimise travel. The company also has a cycle to work scheme enabling a positive impact on the environment to reduce the carbon footprint.

    The desirability of the company maintaining a reputation for high standards of business conduct

    It is the Company’s intention to act responsibly and ensure the management operate in a responsible manner.

    The need to act fairly between members of the company

    Our intention is to behave responsibly toward our shareholders and treat fairly and equally, so they too benefit from the successful delivery of our business plan. The Company engage with the main shareholder Axel Springer on a monthly basis to review the financial results and discuss any other operational matters. The Company’s directors also take part in quarterly supervisory meetings, CXO meetings and strategic meetings hosted by Axel Springer.