Awin Gold Standard

Awarded to advertisers who are running a best-in-class affiliate programme and meet all the accreditation criteria.
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The Awin Gold Standard has been developed to identify advertisers that run a best-in-class affiliate programme based on criteria that we, along with the industry’s Publisher Board have identified. As well as providing transparency to publishers, the Gold Standard is designed to encourage positive changes within the space such as faster payments and robust tracking setups.

Once advertisers have become Gold Standard certified, this will be visibly identifiable for publishers, resulting in additional coverage both within the Awin UI and in wider PR and communications that the network publish. If you would like to learn more about the Awin Gold Standard accreditation, visit our Wiki page.

Partners accredited with the Awin Gold Standard


Avant Skincare


Bunty Pet Products

Ecig Vapers

Evermore London

Ginger Ray

Gold Boutique


Itch Pet


Kids Cavern


Ligo Electronics Ltd


Post My Meds

Sense Health

Sweet Cures

The Fish Society

The Opal

The Somerset Toiletry

TomTom UK

Yes I Want It


Introducing Awin Gold Standard, our new accreditation for advertisers

This new accreditation provides transparency to publishers and designed to encourage positive changes in the affiliate space.

Included in the Gold standard criteria are Awin’s optimal tracking set-up , fair commission structure and offering Accelerated Payment, designed to provide the best possible experience for publishers.

Criteria for Gold Standard

Accelerated Payments

Accelerated Payments

The Advertiser must offer Accelerated Payments and be on Awin's Green Payment Status, so that publishers are paid out in the shortest possible time-frame following transaction validations. 

Awin data shows faster paying advertiser programmes see an average sales growth of 80%, compared to just 25% for those not on the green payment status.

Transaction Validations

Transaction Validations

The Advertiser must validate all transactions within their contracted validation period, so that publishers are rewarded for their contributions and paid (in line with accelerated payments) for the transactions they help generate. 

By paying publishers for all sales they generate in a timely way, they have more to reinvest in promoting you and the products you sell.

Optimal Tracking

Optimal Tracking

The Advertiser must use Awin’s optimal tracking solution to protect against browser privacy restrictions and provide peace of mind to publishers that all legitimate sales they contribute to are tracked.

By integrating our most robust form of tracking, you have full visibility of the contribution affiliate marketing makes to your online sales.

Fair Commission Structure

Fair Commission Structure

The Advertiser must award commission for all legitimate, confirmed transactions. This means there should be no zero value commission groups, products, or customer categories.

By fairly rewarding publishers for all sales they generate, you can assess the extent of each publisher’s reach and customer behaviour.

Transparent De-Duplication

Transparent De-Duplication

The Advertiser’s de-duplication policy must adhere to the Awin best practice guidelines so that publishers are not losing out on commissions they have driven customer interest and engagement for.

By offering complete transparency on what you're paying for, it's easier to assess the profitability of the campaigns you're running with each of your publishers.