Life at Awin

Edwyn MacFarlane

Get to know Business Innovation Director Edwyn, as he outlines his progession through Awin over the years.

I’ve been at Awin since July 2008 and if I’m being honest, I had absolutely no intention of staying this long when I first arrived! I knew nothing about affiliate marketing and I had just completed a Mathematics degree which gave me no clue what I should be doing next.

The one thing I was certain of was that I wanted to learn new skills, I wanted to work in an environment that was fun and welcoming and most of all I wanted to feel like I could make a difference. Awin gave me all that and more and it’s undoubtedly why I’ve stayed for so long.

I’ve had a large number of roles in my time here but I started first as a campaign assistant. My main focus was to review the websites that wanted to work with Awin and then help them to make money from affiliate marketing. The role itself had the potential to be quite admin heavy but surrounded by a team of experts who were fun to be around and were teaching me new skills every day, it became thoroughly enjoyable.

Other roles I’ve held in my time here were:

  • Account Manager: learning what it means to forecast performance and find areas of improvement for established businesses
  • Team Leader: learning how to manage a team, carrying out appraisals and be a senior figurehead for clients within my team
  • Head of Department: learning how to set the vision that a department buys into and a strategy they can execute. Alongside that came budgeting for client resource and staff salaries

My role now is Business Innovation Director and it’s a role borne out of my love for all things adtech based; I constantly look for companies or technologies that would make Awin better as a service provider. It’s also a role that Awin created specifically for me and it’s something they’ve done for many others too.  When you work hard, make a difference and embrace the culture, Awin returns the favour by enabling you to pursue what you’re interested in, they’re not afraid to create new roles around its people.