Awin invests £31million to pay publishers faster

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Awin is investing £31million to launch Accelerated Payments, a global initiative to pay publishers faster.

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Based on the successful Traffic Light Payment System (TLPS), familiar to our UK and US partners, our aim is to reduce ‘click to coin’ time for all publishers across all markets.   

The Traffic Light Payment System was first launched in the UK and US in 2009 to minimise payment delays and risks from advertisers. The additional transparency and faster payment turnaround allowed publishers to safely reinvest in their campaigns and drove growth across the entire network.

Following its success, Awin is expanding the service to all regions to offer publishers the premium payment conditions of awareness, speed and consistency. As part of this rollout, advertiser programmes with a green status on the TLPS will be referred to as offering Accelerated Payments.    

Traditionally, when a publisher generates a sale, their commission status is logged as ‘open/pending’ awaiting the advertiser to review and validate the transaction (this period usually allows for returns). Once approved, the publisher also has to wait for the advertiser to be invoiced and for that invoice to be paid to Awin.

With Accelerated Payments, commissions on validated transactions are paid to publishers regardless of when Awin gets paid.

Accelerated Payments are available to all publishers on the Awin platform. Publishers can browse all programmes and review which programmes offer Accelerated Payments, indicated by the green circle under ‘Payment Status’.

Accelerated Payments join Awin’s portfolio of tools and services to empower publishers of all sizes to grow their businesses online.

Jasper Mulder, Global Head of Publishers says: “Quicker and more consistent payments provide publishers with a reliable income to invest back into their business, accelerating their performance and development. For Awin, our publishers are our partners and we aim to foster their growth and provide positive impact where we can. This belief underpins the significant investment by our network to prepay commissions to publishers on a global scale. Expanding the system from the UK and US to all markets further unites our network and our services, ensuring that what is successful in one market is made available in all markets.”

Find further details including the Terms & Conditions for Accelerated Payments on the Awin Wiki.

For questions regarding Accelerated Payments, please contact our Publisher Services team.

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