Awin Group Sector Insights Webinar: Telco & Services

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In our first special global sector webinars, Alex Parmar-Yee and a diverse mix of partners examine performance within telco & services.

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How has the telco & services sector performed over the last few months? What are the latest trends to look out for? This webinar reveals the latest consumer trends in telco & services globally, where there are opportunities for growth at this extraordinary time, and fascinating insights from our esteemed collective of panellists that will help inform your own marketing strategies.

Telco & sector industry experts joining the panel:

Thank you to  the stellar Awin and ShareASale panellists for the expert insights and strategic guidance provided to attendees during this webinar. For more information on our panellists and their companies, including how to partner with them across our platforms, please contact them by clicking on their name above, or reach out to Alex Parmar-Yee.

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