ITP’s latest update is the final death knell for third party cookies

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The latest update to Safari and iOS brings a complete lockdown on third party cookies, plugging any gaps left from previous iterations.

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On 27th March, Apple released Safari 13.1 and iOS 13.4 containing the latest ITP update and, perhaps, the last ITP announcement as far as third party tracking cookies are concerned. The update serves to fill any air holes and edge cases, completely blocking, by default, cookies for cross-site reference. Full details about the changes can be found here. 

So what does this mean for Awin? 

This change has been a long time coming with Google making a similar announcement with Chrome, phasing out third party cookies over a few years. From previous ITP iterations and other browser tracking prevention initiatives, Awin has stressed the importance of adopting the Advertiser MasterTag, providing first party tracking, as well as a wealth of integrated partners. Surplus to the MasterTag, Server to Server (S2S) tracking provides a robust fall back to catch any sales that are overlooked by ITP. 

It is strongly advised that all advertisers ensure they have correctly installed the Advertiser MasterTag and, where possible, S2S tracking is also in place as a back-upThe MasterTag not only guarantees the most up to date tracking methods but is also required for Bounceless Tracking. 

Awin’s ITP compensation tool has been updated and these changes will be reflected in April’s compensation adjustments. If you are already using the Advertiser MasterTag then you will not be affected by ITP compensation. 

If you are unsure of your current integration then please get in touch with your account contact or raise a ticket. Our tech teams will be able to check that you have both the MasterTag and S2S installed and working correctly. For a complete overview of Awin’s tracking technologies and installation instructions, please see the wiki.  

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