Internationalising a brand with affiliate marketing

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Awin interviewed Padel Market to understand how their affiliate programme helped the online sports retailer to successfully drive global growth.

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Padel Market was born with the aim of bringing quality products at a low price, delivering Padels right to their customers door. Aspiring to be the best padel racket ecommerce brand in Europe, Padel Market selected Awin to utilise the tools and technology needed to run a successful global affiliate programme.

Managing an international programme

"A challenge I had was to have a platform where I could reach new partnerships and new audiences. With our website in 4 languages the Awin platform supports overcoming any language barriers by allowing us to provide localised content to our partners in these markets through the different tools available.” - Taruna Dogra, Padel Market

The Padel Market programme demonstrates how using the platform tools available is fundamental when working with partners across several markets. It is important to provide partners with all the right content, including logos, banners, messaging, and product details, to successfully promote a brand. Padel Market has a firm grasp of this concept and utilises the Awin platform to ensure banners, offers and product feeds are available across the different languages they are prioritising in their global growth strategy.

Using the Awin Product Feed functionality, Padel Market provides over 12,500 product details in English, Italian, Spanish, and Swedish. Feeds are refreshed regularly so partners can extract the most up-to-date pricing and information of all products available to purchase online.

To efficiently manage their partners, Padel Market uses the Awin Publisher Tag functionality to categorise and group partners together based on type and region. This tool also allows them to view performance of a particular group of partners via the reporting suite or setup bespoke competitive commissions rate to optimise their performance.

When it comes to communicating with their partners Padel Market use the Publisher Tags and the Communication Centre in tandem to send bespoke emails based on language and region. The two tools combined supports Padel Market to connect with their partners on a personal level and helps to develop the trusting relationship vital for any successful affiliate programme.

How is it going so far?

The programme launched in August 2021 and within 6 months partners drove 10% of all online sales which is significant for the affiliate channel. Whilst their goal is to reach customers in Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, and Sweden they have seen a “halo” effect from the partners used influencing customers also from the Netherlands and the United States. By using Awin, Padel Market are successfully internationalising their brand across Europe and will continue to reach new audiences through the affiliate marketing partnerships they hold.

Performance highlights after the first 6 months:

  • Generated 875 customer transactions
  • Driven 54k unique visitor traffic
  • 94% new customers
  • 47 sale active and 156 click active partners

Padel Market’s top tips:

  • Affiliate marketing offers little risk so it is worth testing out the channel to see if it works for you
  • Be patient whilst you wait for performance to kick in
  • Be personal with your partners and form relationships with your top performers as this goes a long way
  • Have a clear strategy from the beginning and work towards achievable objectives

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