Level up your voucher strategy with our enhanced voucher attribution

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Learn more about Awin's cookie-less tracking solution and how the latest update automates your single-use voucher code strategy

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The discussion about "to coupon or not to coupon" is long and difficult. So let's leave it at that and look at voucher attribution as a potential solution to the current changes in the digital ecosystem such as:

  •  The rise of adblocking software and current developments in privacy restrictions that prevent excessive user profiling, which therefore also stop third-party cookie tracking, leading to revenue loss.
  • Influencers and social media publishers are a growing part of our partner ecosystem, often avoiding the overhead of technical implementation.
  • How to best stop voucher code leakage and gain more control over your coupon strategy.

Voucher Attribution solves three main problems

1. It’s a cookie-less tracking solution that secures revenue and enables partnerships beyond the last-click model.

  • Privacy measures such as Apple's Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) and Firefox's Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP) block third-party cookies, making cookie-less tracking solutions increasingly important and necessary to ensure revenue and proper channel attribution.
  • Voucher attribution allows for a wider range of partners, which increases your reach. As sales are only tracked based on a voucher code, you not only support non-technical partnerships but also publishers and influencers who exclusively use social media, where affiliate links are often prohibited. Read more here.

2. It supports exclusive voucher codes to give your more control over your voucher strategy.

  • This tracking method supports exclusive voucher allocation, i.e. if an exclusive code is given to a publisher and another publisher makes a sale with this code, the sale is automatically attributed to the exclusive partner. This prevents code leakage and gives you more control over your voucher activity. It also strengthens relationships with your preferred partners, as they can count on the exclusivity of the code and the associated impact.

3. With the newest enhancement you can offer unique single-use codes in no time.

  • While the exclusive single-use codes previously had to be created and assigned to the partner individually, this can now be automated with the help of a prefix. This way, voucher attribution can be done automatically by matching them with the prefix of the code without having to add them individually. This reduces manual effort and saves time.

How do I get started?

Enable voucher attribution tracking.

Codes with voucher attribution can be given to an exclusive publisher of your choice. When a sale is made using this voucher code, you pass this voucher code to us via the tracking tag. This allows us to attribute a sale to the publisher to whom the voucher was assigned.
To be able to track via voucher attribution, your integration must meet the following requirements:

  •  Either unconditional tracking in place or use the channel parameters to de-dupe against other channels
  • Voucher codes are sent in the voucher code parameter of our tracking tag
    For more information on the setup please read more here.

Setup voucher in UI

Once voucher attribution tracking is enabled, you can set up your voucher code in the MyOffers section of the user interface either as a general code for all or selected publishers, or as an exclusive code for a specific partner of your choice.
In our Success Centre you will find step-by-step instructions on how to set up your vouchers on the Awin platform.

Automate single-use codes

If you work with publishers who can process dynamic single-use voucher codes, make sure to use our new enhancement. It is an easy way to facilitate unique voucher codes at scale.
When adding a new voucher code, you simply need to add the prefix provided by the publisher and a wildcard character [*]. The prefix is a static part of the code the publisher always uses for the voucher codes it offers to its users, eg AB123, AB234, AB345, AB…. Check out our Advertiser Success Centre for more information.

Measure your campaign success with Awin reporting

To measure the success and effectiveness of your voucher campaigns and your voucher partnerships, you can use the Awin reports. You can see all the voucher codes that have been used for a transaction on our platform under Reports > Transactions > in the "Voucher" column. In your analysis, check the order value, customer type and sales volume, it’s a great way to evaluate the campaign and its success.

If you have any questions about voucher attribution, please contact your account manager. If you would like to know what role voucher codes play in basket size, customer satisfaction and the importance of a voucher strategy, check out our webinar on developing your voucher strategy.

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