Life at Awin

Syed Hussain

Get to know Awin Technical Support Team Leader, Syed Hussain as he discusses how he got to his role and what it currently entails.

I started at Awin in 2011 as a Support Assistant intern, in the technical service department for a one year placement. I was able to adapt, apply my knowledge from university in this role and go above and beyond during a difficult time for the business while they were implementing a system migration. I was recognised for my efforts and awarded an AWinners award for my contribution.

Having acquired essential skills and knowledge during my placement, I was able to achieve a First Class Degree. During my final year of university, I was approached by Awin to return as a full-time Support Analyst. I quickly progressed through the various roles within the department and became Support Team leader within two years.

Now heading up a team of 5 – 6 members, we carry out problem solving tasks for our existing clients (advertiser and publishers). The technical work involves us debugging queries for our bespoke tracking solution using HTML, PHP and JavaScript knowledge. We also use SQL to read our backend database allowing us to provide further insight for our clients. I work closely with senior members from various departments such as; Product, Client Services and Engineering, which allows me to raise critical system issues in addition to any new product / feature improvements.

As a Team Leader I am able to understand and implement the support my team members need and I regularly provide them with feedback and insight into how they can improve their own professional development based upon my observations of their performance. Utilising the Awin personal development platform, High Ground, I am able to monitor individuals progression goals and ensure they succeed in meeting those goals by motivating and encouraging them along the way. Additionally, using the data provided from our reporting tools, I am able to feedback on performance to the team on a weekly/monthly basis whilst also allowing me to improve internal support processes.

There are many aspects of working at Awin which I thoroughly enjoy. These range from dealing with a variety of technical queries on a day to day basis, to coming into work every day knowing I will be motivating individuals to go above and beyond with their tasks and individual professional development.

My ambition is to give back as much as I can, from being one of the first interns in the company to now managing the support team, I believe I offer integral experience and knowledge to those who willingly seek it. Awin is expanding exponentially over the years and as such, we are now able to offer over 4 intern roles in the department. Year on year, we work closely with local universities to acquire focused, motivated and dedicated interns within the department who like myself, can build a future of progression at Awin and enjoy the work we do. Awin’s support of employee progression at every level, is what makes our company a great place to begin and build a career to success. The Technical Service department is the only department in Awin that has a very high staff return rate which embodies the calibre of our work ethic in our department.