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Start the year as you mean to go on with Awin’s insights into finding your niche and the art of promoting yourself in the dynamic world of affiliate marketing.

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As with any face-to-face introduction, interview, networking event or meeting, it is important to make a positive first impression. Publishers must consider their website in its entirety. That is, are you offering a seamless yet informative journey for your users? Are you offering fresh and up-to-date reviews and offers? Take a look at our checklist to ensure you are serving your customers and encouraging returns to site.

  1. Aesthetics – although we are taught not to judge a book by its cover, it is easy for consumers to trust a site that presents itself in a coherent, clear and professional manner. Are your links working and directing to live pages? Do you have a recognisable colour scheme that is reflected across your site? This applies also to your social media channels, can users easily recognise your site and branding? Do your social media channels also reflect the latest offerings or content pieces published on your website? Consistency is key.
  1. Clarity – is it easy to understand what your site is offering? Presentation efforts are futile unless online users are able to understand what you are promoting and how to navigate the site. Are you using specialist language? Is it easy to find the latest vouchers/reviews? Does your site meet the dimensions for mobile and tablet screens?
  1. Speed – consider how users will be viewing your site. Are your mobile and desktop pages up-to-speed? Roughly 50% of affiliate-driven website traffic on Awin is generated via mobile. Will pictures/graphics slow down your site speed? Buffering times and click-through lags can lead to customer dissatisfaction and basket abandonment as users increasingly expect instant access and on-demand services.
  1. Calls to Action – how are you encouraging your site users to purchase? Are you creating a sense of urgency? Are your users accessing exclusive and real-time offers? Ensure your site is reliable, remove expired codes and ensure you are in contact with advertisers should any unexpected issues arise such as stock level/availability, site crashes. Read more about perfecting your Calls-To-Action here.
  1. Customer Service - why should users click through to purchase via your site? Do you have best in market offers, email exclusives or competitions? Why should consumers return to your site? Review forums and guest blogs also offer a sense of authenticity and assist the research phase of the customer journey as users are able to place trust in the site.

A recent survey by Viglink discovered that approximately 76% of publishers agree that affiliate marketing makes monetising their website easy. Optimise your website using Awin’s checklist above to ensure that you capture and maintain consumer interest through to purchase and retain customer loyalty. Find out further information on how to promote your niche here.

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