Interview with Awin COO Adam Ross

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Ahead of Awin's 20th anniversary next year, Adam Ross, COO at Awin, caught up with PerformanceIN.

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Following Awin’s financial stake in Commission Factory, Adam spoke to Mustafa Mirreh, senior journalist at PeformanceIN, to reflect on the changes within the company over the last 12 months and to look ahead at how Awin plans to position itself amidst the changing digital marketing landscape.

Covering Awin’s global expansion, with Commission Factory, affilinet and ShareASale now forming part of the Awin family, Adam explains how Awin’s focus is to ensure the growth and longevity of the affiliate marketing industry.

Adam goes into more detail on how Awin plans to support its partners through its technology as he describes Bounceless Tracking - a safe, secure and user-focused tracking method for publishers designed to tackle the recent wave of browser changes. Regarding other threats facing the industry such as data regulation both in Europe and the US, the two discuss Awin’s privacy-centric and data-light approach to affiliate marketing.

Adam finishes by revealing the future vision for the company: from nurturing new partnerships and understanding the significance of business insights, Awin is positioned to continue empowering and driving growth for its partners.

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