The Protein Works adapt to the rise of the lifestyle nutrition trend

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Q&A interview with Omnichannel Digital Marketing Manager at The Protein Works, discussing the popularity of the lifestyle nutrition trend.

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The Protein Works protein powder

With the sports nutrition sector in the UK growing around 20% YoY, innovative sports nutrition brand, The Protein Works are adapting their strategy. We speak to Gareth Johnson, Omnichannel Digital Marketing Manager about how the affiliate channel is catering to this trend and the best products to maximise conversion for bloggers and influencers.

What do you believe are the most significant advances in the sports nutrition sector in the past 12 months? 

The industry has exploded in popularity over the last 12 months to the point where we’re no longer just about nutrition for sports with even more customers now coming us for nutrition, help and advice to make sure they’re getting exactly the right nutrition they need for their lifestyles. 

Increasing media attention, more research and studies into the health benefits of protein and a change in our lifestyles and dietary needs has made this one of the fastest growing industries. To keep up with this fast pace and ever changing industry, we’ve made a number of product innovations to make sure we’re leading the way.

Whey Protein 360 Our customers wanted the best tasting protein shake without compromising on protein, so that’s exactly what we gave them. This ground breaking protein shake launched earlier this year is now available in 7 exclusive mouth watering flavours, 4 sizes and over 23g of protein per shake.

Vegan Range Expansion:  Over the last 10 years, the number of Vegans in the UK has soared by over 350% to now at least 542,000 living in the UK, so we’ve made it out mission to make sure we’re delivering the very best in plant-based dairy-free protein.

Vegan Protein started it all and became one of our fastest selling protein shakes of all time. Made from a blend of 5 premium plant-based protein, each shake is packed with over 25g of protein. Then came our Diet Vegan Protein designed for Vegans looking to lose weight. Based on our Vegan Protein but with the widely acclaimed ingredients Green Tea and Garcinia Cambogia to support weight loss. Finally, we launched Vegan Protein Extreme our most nutrient dense protein shake packed with vitamins, minerals and healthy fats to deliver one of the best all in one vegan shakes out there today.

TPW™ Bakery: We’re also home to Europe’s finest bakery, baking protein packed foods and snacks fresh daily, and these have exploded in popularity over the last 12 months as customers want more convenient ways to get the nutrition they need on the go. Our influencers love these snacks as customers keep coming online to stock their cupboards with the large pouches available.

With this in mind, how does TPW’s affiliate marketing strategy adhere to this and how do you remain competitive within the channel?

We want our program to be as innovative and as full of energy as our products and customer service, welcoming new affiliates on board, personally working with them and trying new promotions and ideas to make sure we’re the program everyone wants to be a part of.

 Here’s just a taste of how we’re currently working and the opportunities we have:

  • Exclusive discount codes and vouchers
  • Negotiable commission rates
  • Daily communications of promos and product launches
  • Product samples for content and social media coverage
  • Click assist program to reward content sites and social influencers
  • Bespoke artwork and content to drive traffic and conversion

We work with all of our affiliates on a one to one basis, helping them to earn as much commission as possible, however they choose to promote us.

 What do you think is the biggest challenge within the sports nutrition sector?

Educating customers and helping them to navigate the world of nutrition is one of the biggest challenges, and why working as close with our affiliates as we do is the key. With so many competitors out there selling 1,000s of different products it can be a maze to navigate and that’s why we’re dedicated to simplifying nutrition so our customers know exactly what they’re getting and it’s exactly what they want.

With the social media space and blogosphere nurturing new breeds of influencers, how crucial is rewarding on influence for a successful affiliate campaign?

With cashback and discount code sites continuing to hold a large market share in the affiliate channel, it’s more important than ever to recognise the hard work bloggers and influencers put in to promote our brand, products and increase awareness. That’s why we offer a click assist program via Awin's payment on assist tool which awards our bloggers and influencers £1 every time someone clicks one of their links but then completes their transaction through another affiliate, such as looking for a discount code or claiming cashback.

We’ll always make sure publishers are a part of our program before writing content or posting on Instagram to make sure they are getting rewarded for the customers brought to us.

Which TPW products generate a high conversion that publishers can utilise on their site?

As well as the ground breaking Whey Protein 360 and Vegan Protein mentioned already, here’s the low down on the TPW™ products publishers can benefit from promoting.

Our Award Winning Whey Protein 80 is the one that started it all at TPW™ Towers. Our pure Whey Protein with over 20g of protein per serving, no thickeners or fillers and all natural flavours for those who are no stranger to Whey.

Diet Meal Replacement is an essential for anyone looking to lose weight. This bestselling meal replacement dense is high in protein and rich in nutrients to contribute to weight loss.

Our unique Diet Whey Complex is our ultimate diet protein shake, high in protein, low in calories and packed with CLA and Green Tea to help prevent fat storage and promote weight loss.

 Then last, but certainly not least, our bakery’s finest Diet Protein Truffles, Protein Brownies and Protein Nutties which make guilty snacking a thing of the past. 

What is a good conversation starter for anyone wanting to partner with TPW?

Join a community of over 4 million across the UK and Europe and get paid up to 12% commission. Publishers can also benefit from click assist, exclusive deals and discounts and a dedicated in-house support team.

All affiliates who join our program will automatically be entered into our July incentive. £150  will be given to the publisher who drives the most sales and that affiliate will then earn 12% on all sales they generate through August. 

To find out more about the programme contact Gareth or sign up here. You can also view a copy of TPW's publisher welcome pack here


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