Uniqodo to launch brand new feature at The Science Behind Ecommerce

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Tracking software tool, Uniqodo, help online retailers effectively convert and measure voucher code marketing campaigns, forming a key part to any online marketing managers toolkit. As a sponsor at this year's The Science Behind Ecommerce, we speak to David Hall, Director at Uniqodo as he reveals some exciting news about the platform with just one day to go until the event.

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We’re so pleased to confirm Uniqodo as a pod sponsor at Awin’s first affiliate conference, The Science Behind Ecommerce. What are your thoughts leading up to the event?

It’s going to be an exciting day for Uniqodo as we are launching brand new feature at the event.  Canvas revolutionises how voucher code promotions are run in social media, bringing you closer to customers, one unique code at a time.

 How valuable do you think events like this are to both yourself and the wider industry?

Very valuable we hope!  Any opportunity that puts tech providers, affiliates and merchants together should result in new ideas, relationships and reasons to work together.

The Uniqodo platform is a tool that can be added to any eCommerce site to control voucher codes. Tell us a little more about what you offer and how partners can utilise your technology?

Canvas is a new feature from Uniqodo that allows merchants to distribute unique codes through previously inaccessible marketing channels, and removes any risk of the voucher codes getting abused.

Merchants can now safely reach out to their audience, with targeted and personalised promotions being surfaced for each customer journey.

Promotions enabled by Canvas can be distributed on social media and by their influencer network. Only customers who see and interact with these posts will be able to take advantage of them: giving the merchant and their affiliates absolute control over the distribution of the voucher codes enabling truly exclusive promotions in the social channel.

Is there any other exciting news in the pipeline for Uniqodo that you’d like to share ahead of the event?

Yes lots!  We are publishing research paper in July into retailer’s and consumer’s reliance and opinions on voucher codes. Plus several new features and client launches… But Canvas is the big thing right now. 

What advice do you have for those who are thinking about partnering with Uniqodo or discussing opportunities with you at The Science Behind Ecommerce?

Come and talk to us.  Let us show you a demo of Canvas in action and tell us how you’d use it.  You can also get your opinions about voucher codes included in the white paper by completing our 2-minute questionnaire (now or at the event). 

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