Opportunity Marketplace: The Benefits For Publishers

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Opportunity Marketplace has been empowering publishers to share affiliate exposure to advertisers resulting in closer collaborations.

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Opportunity Marketplace is a convenient and efficient way for publishers to upload and display promotional opportunities using the Awin interface  to share available affiliate exposure to advertisers  – this can include anything from homepage takeovers to competition opportunities.

Managing and selecting opportunities can be time consuming for publishers when there are a number of different exposure opportunities to promote, but opportunity marketplace allows the publisher to list them all in one place, and saving them having to make contact with advertisers on an individual basis.

The benefits of using Opportunity Marketplace

There is no limit to how many promotional opportunities a publisher submit, the more variety they can offer, the more advertisers are able to get in touch, but it is important to make sure that opportunities are up to date and that they are as informative as possible, including the key benefits of the opportunity, details of the placement and audience reach where applicable.

Advertisers will have access to a directory of all Publisher opportunities. Listings that really stand out are quite concise and include as many key facts as possible – from unique visitors to the website to the number of recipients of on an e-mail database. Once a publisher has posted the opportunity up, advertisers will be able to directly respond to each one opportunities, and these responses are sent directly to the primary email listed in the account (to find out who this is, go to Account > Settings > Contact Details).

The publisher must put a value on the opportunity, and this should reflect its worth in terms of what it can deliver for the advertiser for example, a bank holiday themed email to a database of 4m+ may sell for £500, whilst a site banner for a blog receiving 7k visitors a month might sell at £60.

Remember that the opportunity may be competing with others of a similar type for an advertiser’s attention, so competitive pricing may prove to be important. A variety of pricing options are available, which can be selected when you enter your opportunity, including:-

- Fixed cost – Fixed CPA – Percentage CPA

Remember, a percentage CPA will vary in monetary value depending on the average order values of the advertiser that makes you an offer.

Below is an example of what your offer will look like to Advertisers once live on Opportunity Marketplace.

Collage 2

If you are a publisher and need more information on submitting your offers onto Opportunity Marketplace, below is a handy guide to get started as a publisher:

Finding opportunity marketplace: To get started, log in to your publisher account on Darwin, head to the Links and Tools tab and select ‘Opportunity Marketplace’.

Collage 2

Creating a new opportunity: Once in Opportunity Marketplace, Click the ‘Add New Opportunity’ button to begin the upload process. This can be anything from an email placement, homepage takeover, social posts etc. but don’t forget to be descriptive with your opportunity so advertisers have a clear idea of what is being offered. You can see all of the essential criteria in the screen shot below:

Collage 2

Once you are happy with your opportunity you can submit it to the Marketplace by pressing the ‘publish’ button. You can then refer back to the Opportunity Marketplace dashboard where your offer will be displayed under the ‘Open Opportunities’ tab. From this moment, your opportunity will now be available for advertiser eyes and they will subsequently be able to contact you on the email address you provided to discuss or secure promotional space by agreeing terms of the opportunity.

Opportunity Marketplace has been created to get your voice heard by advertisers. If you want some inspiration, or to find out more about how the tool is already helping publishers on the network, you can read our Q&A with Andrew Girdwood.

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