Awin Talks: A chat about tracking

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Awin's tracking guru, Stephen Short, joins us to talk about how the landscape is evolving and the implications for affiliate marketing. 

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Effective tracking is one of the fundamental cornerstones of any affiliate programme. If you're not tracking your activity accurately then you have no way of knowing if your campaigns are working or not.

But in this day and age it's also a topic fraught with ethical dilemmas around individual privacy and regulation. And the slow death of the third-party cookie has much of the digital ad industry in a state of confusion over what will come next.

Thankfully, affiliate's traditional tracking model requires very little personal data, and the very latest setups are designed to track sales directly without the need even for an ad network 'middleman.'

Stephen's extensive experience in this space makes him an ideal candidate to talk about all of these issues and to put them into context from an affiliate perspective.

So if you want to learn more about everything from ATT to ITP, and GDPR to FLOC, then tune into this latest episode of the Awin Talks podcast.

If you’re interested in learning more about how tracking at Awin works, visit our knowledge pages on the topic on our Advertiser and Partner Success Centers.

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