Awin Talks: Spotlight on Samsung and UpSellit’s innovative partnership

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In a special in-depth interview, Rob speaks to Samsung about how Awin has helped them nimbly access the cutting-edge technical solutions offered by UpSellit.

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The first in a series of extended interviews with leading figures from across the industry, in this week’s episode of Awin Talks we chat with Samsung’s Adam Davison and UpSellit’s Rich Greenwell about their highly creative partnership. 
UpSellit are one of numerous approved marketing technology providers that Awin can swiftly enable for its clients through the Advertiser MasterTag solution. UpSellit specialise in optimising conversions for advertisers through a host of strategies including personalised promotions, basket abandonment tactics, lead capture, email remarketing and much more. 
For Samsung, the desire to improve its customer journey and optimise conversions on its sites had to be balanced against the inevitable backlog of other competing priorities that its own dev team naturally faced in such an enormous global organisation. It’s a challenge that will be familiar to many businesses, regardless of size and sector. How can you quickly deploy site improvements without having to wait great lengths of time or expending huge sums of capital to develop and integrate the tech yourself? As an increasing number of forward-thinking brands, Samsung recognised the affiliate channel could provide the answer. 
By switching on UpSellit’s tech via Awin and testing it out in an iterative manner, the brand and partner were able to find the very best solutions that could drive incremental improvements to those on-site conversions. 
In our conversation on today’s podcast, you’ll hear how the partnership came to fruition, why the affiliate channel is increasingly being recognised as a great source of ecommerce innovation for brands, and how the performance-based ad model makes it such a compelling choice for experimentation. 

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