Future-proofing affiliate marketing through data

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What does a next generation affiliate programme look like? As we enter 2018 what are the tools that we need to have in place in order to build a campaign fit for purpose? Undoubtedly data goes to the very heart of these questions and this was the key theme considered in the global team's presentation at this year's PerformanceIN Live conference.

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At PerformanceIN Live this year, we wanted to demonstrate how some retailers are layering data to create three-dimensional affiliate programmes that provide both colour and context to their understanding of their campaigns.

This marks a significant evolution from the early days of the industry when brands were primarily chasing sales. Now they expect the channel to deliver the right types of customers according to their individual KPIs.

Central to this challenge is data and the elements that can be aggregated to produce deep and meaningful insights. 

In the team's presentation we talked through the process of how brands are increasingly passing back additional datapoints and why new business intelligence and data visualisation tools are central to their interpretation. For some the shift is fundamental as a new relationship is formed with networks.

To access the presentation in full click here.

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