Global partner prospects for 2021

Hundreds of new partners join our network each month from every corner of the globe. It’s up to our award-winning publisher team to support them on their affiliate journey and connect them with our most-relevant brands.

We asked colleagues across the business to identify new partners they are most excited about for 2021 and why…

"Mocha is set deliver a new way for advertisers to reach customers thanks to its unique technology, KEE2 Solutions, that leverages the most-used app in a smartphone - the keyboard. Mocha’s KEE2 Search proposition means users can be presented with potential product matches before they even reach a SERP. Thanks to powerful AI technologies, Mocha’s KEE2 Solutions is set to make a splash in 2021."

Richard Leake

Global Head of Publisher Development

“Heylink as a partner in our network can be seen as an extended arm for reaching relevant publisher traffic in the Nordics, but also in global markets. With Heylink offering a convenient content monetization strategy to premium publishers - and even content creation where resources are scarce and Awin providing a rich selection of advertisers - strong synergy effects can be observed. We are excited to see that partnership with a proven track record within the Nordics to expand globally.”

Lija Scheiman

Head of Publisher Development
Awin Nordics

“I’m really excited about the development of this publisher. It's brand new to Awin and has a totally unique proposition: Spreading awareness about the inequalities disabled people may face and building a sense of community for those who feel like they need extra support. It’s great to see the incentive publisher model being applied in a truly positive way.”

Poppy Scott

Publisher Development Account Executive
Awin UK

“Fidel and its market-leading payment technology are set to unlock the true potential of online to offline - allowing advertisers to leverage in-store payment information to deliver truly connected campaigns and utilize the growth in online to get people back in store.”

Angelo Lattuca

Publisher Development Account Director
Awin UK

"Bnext is a rapidly growing fintech that started to work with Awin advertisers in Spain in 2020 and was quickly generating sales for them. Its model consists of a cashback offering to its users when using the Bnext prepaid card, and its targeted cashback platform - powered by the mobile commerce platform Button - makes this neobank a partner worth highlighting.”

Maria Garcia Perojil

Head of Publisher & Business Development
Awin Spain

“This concept is not necessarily new, but what I like most about Dosh is it helps local businesses attract new customers and are also supporting Black-owned businesses.”

Joris Cretien

Head of Publisher Management
Awin US

“Kelkoo demonstrated huge success in European markets with the monetization of search engine comparison shopping services (CSS), offering flexible commercial models to fit Awin advertiser performance goals.

In the absence of the law changes opening up Google to allow the same activity, in Australia and excitingly South East Asia, Kelkoo has rolled out CSS with Bing - alongside white labeling their search functionality to large, high profile, partner sites - opening up advertisers to new, highly-desirable audiences and enhanced reach.”

Sophie Metcalfe

Business Development Director

“Gremobo is a fantastic example of a publisher trying to make a difference. Through its unique rewards system, users are able to turn their positive actions into rewards. This means advertisers working with Gremobo are really helping to make a contribution to important social issues.”

Norma Greco

Publisher Business Development Manager
Awin Italy

"Snoop is one of the new, sophisticated fintech startups that use the Open Banking framework to help consumers understand their finances better, and delivers tailored recommendations based on their spending habits. Founded by Dame Jayne-Anne Gadhia (ex-CEO, Virgin Money) in 2020, Snoop was voted a Top 50 Fintech in Europe and raised £10 million ($14 million) further funding from over 1,700 investors on the Seedrs crowdfunding platform, a 200% overachievement of the initial £5 million ($7 million) target.

By connecting all bank accounts into one app, Snoop gives a useful overview of all personal finances. It then monitors bills and expenditure and finds smart ways of saving you money. Awin is already helping power Snoop’s commercial partnerships with a number of brands and retailers, and the growing popularity of the app means this is definitely a partner to watch in 2021."

James Bentley

Strategy Director
Awin UK

“As one of the largest startups in Europe, Revolut continues to innovate and provide new solutions - not just for the millions of customers across the world using it as an alternative to traditional financial institutions but also to advertisers looking to reach a generation of money-smart consumers. Using its understanding of Revolut users means activity is able to be tailored to granular customer types and campaign goals.”

Alex Parmar-Yee

Finance & Telco Client Partner
Awin UK

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