Our insights from PI LIVE Global

Awin’s full agenda of content from PI LIVE Global 2020 is now accessible and available in one place. Tune in when you want, from wherever you are.

14:00 – 14:25 Keynote session

Lockdown Learnings: How 2020 has changed our industry forever

Join Adam Ross, Awin's COO, for the opening session of our content track where he reflects on the radical changes we've faced as individuals this year and their implications for the future of our industry. While huge challenges abound, this is also a unique opportunity for the affiliate model of marketing to truly go mainstream. Tune in to find out why that's the case and hear more about the upcoming sessions that featured as part of Awin's insight-packed agenda. 

14:30 – 15:00 Session Two

Affiliates, Algorithms and Attribution: A View of Tomorrow, Today

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.’ John Wanamaker (1888) 

Possibly the most frustrating yet persistent quote in marketing, this comment is still cited over a century after it was first uttered and serves to neatly highlight the perennial problem: if it’s difficult to pinpoint causation then marketers will be forced to use subjective opinions about where value lies - but what happens when last-click isn’t the only game in town and what is the right way to move beyond it? Ian Charlesworth, Awin's Regional Managing Director, joins SingleView as we dispel common misconceptions and shine a light on the hidden value in the channel. 

15:05 – 15:35 Session Three

How to Get Away with Stealing Commission: App tracking edition

Advertisers are wilfully complicit in the greatest crime in our industry, stealing affiliate commission from in-app sales. It’s an easy narrative to sell, but it’s often an unjust one. In this session, Clementyne Lavender, Strategic Partnerships & App Tracking Specialist at Awin will be joined by Oleg Shpilev, Solutions Architect at Branch, to teach an "Introduction to App Tracking" and explain why we must look at all the preconceived notions as to why app tracking has failed to reach its full potential and the available evidence to suggest we are now at a turning point for app tracking. 

15:40 – 16:15 Session Four

Making Affiliate Marketing accessible to all

With Awin Access approaching its first year anniversary in the UK, and with a successful roll-out across several of our European regions, Michelle O'Sullivan, our UK Business Development Director, begins by showcasing the opportunity for the channel to embrace this client segment, defining their specific needs from the learnings gained working closely with them for the past two years. Two advertisers join the discussion to give their experiences of the channel and offer advice to consultants, agencies and publishers who are interested in partnering with the often untapped opportunity that is the micro-SME client segment. 

16:15 – 16: 35 Session Five

Award-winning Success Stories

Hosted by Client Partner Joelle Hillman, we’re joined by Dorothy Perkins and Mobiles.co.uk to discuss with voucherloudRevlifter and members of the Awin team how their work over the past 12 months led to them scooping three trophies at the 2020 Performance Marketing Awards. Hear how increasingly brand focused campaigns are driving more creative thinking in the affiliate channel and understand the strategies behind these success stories. 

16:40 – 17:10 Session Six

Digital Transformation post 2020: The Next Wave

Finding out how online has moulded businesses in 2020 from two of our leading brands, we'll seek advice and strategic wisdom on how they've utilised the channel to navigate the challenges they've faced, and answer your questions on strategic partnerships, optimising data, and how they're planning for 2021. Hosted by Amy Hadley, Account Director, tune in to the discussion here.