Making the Most of Awin Tools

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In order to maximise your affiliate marketing efforts, it’s important to know and understand the tools available to you. We outlined below some of the key features of the Awin platform and how to use them to your advantage.

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Advertiser Directory

The Awin Advertiser directory offers a comprehensive guide to all advertisers currently live and promoting via our network.  Use the search functionality to identify the advertisers most relevant for your site and apply to promote their affiliate programme in two simple clicks. The advertiser directory will direct you straight to each advertiser’s profile page which gives an overview of their USPs, programme highlights, terms and conditions and commission rates. You’ll also find contact details should you need to ask any questions or get in touch with the account management team.

Link Builder

Deeplinks allow you to be much more targeted in communications to your audience, ensuring they have as few clicks as possible between your site and purchase, as well as creating a smooth and user friendly customer journey. We know that every publisher is different and want to promote different products across their websites. Link Builder allows you to turn any website link into an affiliate link with your unique publisher ID already embedded. Simply choose a product or page you wish to promote and copy the link into the Link Builder box. The tool will automatically create your unique link ready to be added to site. Link Builder can be found under ‘Links and Tools’ within the Awin interface.


By adding this Chrome extension to your browser, you will be able to generate affiliate links direct from an advertiser’s website. The links can also be shared with one click from the extension directly to social media so eliminate the need to switch between websites, making your promotion quicker and simpler than before. With the click of a button, publishers can join new programmes, quickly generate shortened tracking links to specific product pages as well as a host of other features.

The extension also shows all the latest consumer offers from the Awin system and will highlight the exclusive vouchers available to publishers. If you have multiple publisher accounts, ‘one-click’ account switch functionality has been added for ease of use. 

To download the MyAwin extension, go to the Chome Web Store.


Using datafeeds can be an efficient way of keeping up-to-date with the latest products and prices an advertiser has to offer, particularly if your proposition is price-led. Our Awin Create-a-Feed offers flexibility for both new and experienced publishers, by allowing you to get the exact data you want from one or a variety of advertisers in the best format to suit you. Whether you’d like to download a single feed containing multiple advertisers, or a collection of products from one brand, there are numerous combinations to collate the data to suit your website format and aims. You can:

  • Download a single feed of products by ShopWindow category
  • Combine multiple categories and/or sub-categories for a tailor-made datafeed
  • Download a single feed of products from multiple advertisers
  • Download a single feed of products by product brand
  • Add or remove columns from your datafeed
  • Re-order your columns to best suit your requirements
  • Compress the file in to three different formats
  • Use a dynamically updated manual URL, allowing your system to automatically retrieve the latest product data within your chosen parameters.

Create-A-Feed can be found under ‘Links and Tools’ within the Awin interface.

Opportunity Marketplace

Opportunity Marketplace is a unique tool that allows publishers to list, manage and promote all of the advertising opportunities available on your website, opening communications between publishers and advertisers in a few steps. 

Publishers have the option to set their own terms and commercials for each post as well as categorise the opportunity to give it the best chance of being noticed by a relevant advertiser.  The text is completely flexible so you can describe your opportunity in the best way to promote your site.  Each opportunity is uploaded as a listing and can be discussed independently of any other opportunities you have uploaded, and advertisers are able to respond directly through the interface to each promotion to open conversations.

All advertisers are able to browse the marketplace for any new opportunities, as well as filter down by options based on the criteria of sector, publisher type, payment model, opportunity type and whether the publisher is part of the advertiser’s programme or not.  Advertisers are able to view all uploaded publisher opportunities so ensure yours stands out by keeping descriptions concise and informative.

The Opportunity Marketplace can be found within the Awin Interface.

If you’d like to know more about any of the tools mentioned, or to find out more about how to use the Awin interface, please contact Publisher Services.

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