Prepare for peak by automating time hungry tasks

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Take the time, stress and risk out of sales validations.

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As you prepare for Q4 and the busiest online trading period of the year, besides organising your strategy and partners, special attention should be paid to your day to day processes, removing any inefficiencies which may slow you down over the peak period. We have found that for many advertisers, approving, amending and declining sales can take up a lot of time. However, it’s an extremely important job as it’s essential you’re paying your publishers correctly for the sales they drive. When this process has manual parts to it, the higher chances of making a mistake, forcing you to spend even more time fixing the issue. 

With that in mind, we strongly encourage advertisers who process large volumes of transactions to integrate with Awin’s Transaction Validation API. In simple terms, whenever a sale is finalised in your systems Awin will then be notified so that we can either approve, decline or amend the transaction, ensuring parity between both sets of data. An API is entirely automated so that once it has been set up there is no need for human interaction and you can finally remove the task of approving sales from your to-do list forever.  

As well as removing the time spent on validations, faster sales processing means a faster payout to publisher partners, something they certainly appreciate and which can often be a deciding factor in which product or advertisers publishers choose to promote. 

What do I need to do? 

An API is a very common, standardised way of allowing independent computer systems to talk to each other. It requires little integration from an advertiser’s technical teams, and once set up, the API automatically sends Awin the correct sales information for us to process.  

You can read more about how the Transactions Validation API works here. To access the API you will need an authentication token which is unique to you and acts as the password. The token can be instantly generated in the Awin UI and more information can be found here. 

You can test the API once it’s integrated, and then it’s all set up. The automation will run by itself processing all sales, and manually validating transactions become a thing of the past.

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