Awin Influence: Increase your ROI with Influencer Amplification

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In collaboration with leading agency Incubeta, Awin adds another level of influencer measurement to its current Influencer Managed Campaign Service.

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Awin and Incubeta have joined forces to offer additional influencer campaign support to brands in the form of Influencer Amplification, a display and programmatic solution boosting social campaign reach, brand impressions, and conversions.

Influencer marketing has continued to thrive throughout the global pandemic, with more brands utilising the creativity, flexibility, engagement and authenticity of influencers to promote products and/or services. The demand for user-generated content (UGC) soared as brands were forced to halt shoots, cut budgets and strip back campaigns under the national lockdown.

Awin and Incubeta are offering a new solution to overcome possible limitations of organic reach and rising costs associated with paid boosting. Influencer Amplification enables influencer content to reach new audiences outside traditional social media platforms via programmatic channels, implementing a scalable, cost-efficient and targeted solution.

Awin’s Influencer Partnerships Executive team discussed Influencer Amplification with Max Flajsner, UK Director of Innovation at Incubeta.

What is Influencer Amplification?

Moving beyond social platforms, Influencer Amplification leverages influencer content creation to gain wider viewership and engagement. Brands can refine and target online users to encourage further sales and click throughs, and can analyse additional touchpoints on the customer purchase journey.

Are there specific campaigns you think Amplification would lend itself well to?

Amplification is well suited to any business with an active presence on Instagram, whether that is through your own social channels or via influencer partnerships. It’s a great way for any brand to increase the reach of your social campaigns as well as obtain more data on what’s working!

How does this work?

Creative content is pulled from social media platforms and converted into standard IAB banner units. Advertisers can specify calls to action, styling and click through location. Keyword targeting overlay is added to individual posts to ensure relevant content is served. The Amplification process will adhere to the existing campaign objectives, target audience and content categories.

How can brands track Amplification?

There is no external set up. Brands can fully track amplification through the Awin platform. Further metrics and analysis can be obtained, including audience and placement insights as a result of Influencer Amplification service.

What is the set-up process?

A simple Google tag is all that is required to run amplification activity. We would also set up a discovery meeting for you to meet the team, introduce you to our platform and give us all the details on your business, your customers and your influencer/social activity.

What trends do you envisage for the influencer industry within 2021?

Influencer marketing has absolutely exploded onto the scene as a powerful channel for marketers, and it’s easy to see why - with influencers brands can directly tap into that level of trust they’ve built up with their followers to help them promote their products/services. However, like every popular new channel before it, after the initial boom comes the need to properly measure and assess the incrementality of the channel in the wider marketing mix. This is where we hope our Amplification tool can come in. By taking content out of the walled gardens of social media channels, we can far better analyse the true impact of your content - what type of content is working best, and what is the overall impact for your business.

Contact Awin’s Influencer Partnerships team to set up a discovery meeting with Awin & Incubeta, and increase your brand presence via Amplification.

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