Awin Launches Voucher Attribution to Facilitate Influencer Partnerships

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Awin has released a new voucher attribution feature on its platform, further enhancing its suite of powerful tools and technology for influencers and bloggers.

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The feature provides an additional cost per acquisition model, facilitating partnerships for advertisers with social media publishers outside of the traditional last-click model.

With an increase in the number of publishers and influencers solely using social media for their activity, a solution was needed to ensure transactions are tracked on platforms where affiliate links are prohibited or can’t be used effectively, such as Instagram.

How does voucher attribution work?

Part of the My Offers tool, voucher attribution allows an advertiser to give a voucher code to a chosen publisher so the commission from all sales using that voucher is rewarded to that publisher, even if no affiliate cookie is present, or if it’s been allocated to another channel by the advertiser. This makes it easy for an advertiser to work with social media publishers without any extra costs or complicated integration.

What are the benefits of voucher attribution?

  • Allows advertisers to easily work with a wide range of social media publishers and influencers
    • There’s no setup involved for the publisher
    • The publisher simply uses the code assigned to them
  • Advertisers maintain ROI by using a CPA model that can be linked back to the publisher
  • No need for cookies
    • Voucher code and commission is locked to a specific publisher

“Coupon attribution provides a way to create an all-encompassing affiliate program and opens the door to unique partnerships which would otherwise be impossible.”
Austin Ratner,  US Affiliate Marketing Manager |

“Awin’s new coupon attribution technology has opened up an entirely new audience to advertisers that has never been exposed to affiliate marketing before. It allows me to promote much more effectively across all my social channels - including Reddit, Twitter and many others - resulting in more exposure, and ultimately more revenue for everyone.  It has also allowed me to create connections with new retailers who want to leverage social media marketing via the affiliate channel.”
Nick Andrews, Founder & CEO | Revitrage

What do I need to do to use voucher attribution?

As an advertiser, you need to ensure you have either unconditional tracking or de-duping via channel tracking parameters to track voucher codes in place. For more information on setting up voucher attribution, please contact your account representative.

I’m interested in working with an Awin advertiser using voucher attribution. How can I get started?

Contact your advertiser contact directly to ask if you can work together using voucher attribution, or contact our Publisher Services team.

Learn more about voucher attribution here.

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