Awin becomes the first affiliate network to join Branch Certified Partner Program

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Awin is able to offer clients an even more seamless app tracking integration with Branch, quicker issue resolution and provide one-touch integration enablement.

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Branch, the leading mobile measurement and mobile linking platform, is already available as a module integration for brands looking to harness the power of cross-channel experiences and measurement. Signalling the next step in our strategic partnership, Awin is the first affiliate network to join the Branch Certified Partner Program (CPP).

As app-tracking plays an increasingly important role in a brand’s affiliate arsenal, from 2019 to 2020 Awin saw a +136% growth in app-tracking in the UK, and we are already seeing 80% more app performance by day in 2021 than we saw on average by day in 2020.

Built on Branch’s mission to make the mobile ecosystem more open, connected, and relevant for every day users, the CPP provides best practice guidance to further ensure that Branch and its partners deliver transparent and accurate measurement, and seamless user experiences.

Branch Certified Partners are subject to meeting stringent technical criteria, including performing end-to-end testing and following campaign best practices such as keeping data discrepancies to under 10%. Certified Partners are also expected to collaborate with Branch’s ongoing effort to fight mobile ad fraud by agreeing to common definitions for what constitutes fraud and sending secondary publisher and device ID for in-app traffic.

Awin and Branch’s partnership has delivered great value for advertisers on CPA campaigns with a very high ROI based on Awin’s ability to pass campaign, adset, creative, and secondary publisher level information to Branch. For example, one advertiser saw a 69% incremental year-on-year uplift in their revenue performance after implementing app-tracking with Branch onto their Awin programme.

By working with Awin and Branch, customers can deep link all affiliate traffic through the high-performing app funnel resulting in seamless user experiences, improved conversion rates, and increased revenues. Furthermore, they do so while retaining full-funnel measurement and real-time data transfer through to all parties involved in the affiliate programme.

“The fact that our customers typically unlock over 75% of increased cross-channel revenue from their affiliate channel when they work with Awin and Branch, plus their ability to meet the stringent qualifications, made it an obvious choice to invite Awin to join the Branch Certified Partner Program.” - Eric Stein, EVP & GM at Branch

"Awin’s partnership with Branch has gone from strength to strength, moving from one successful app integration to ten across Europe in just a matter of months, and driving 46X more revenue through the Awin network in under ten months. The speed and ease with which we’ve been able to work together makes this move to Certified Partner Program status an exceedingly exciting one.” - Clementyne Lavender, Strategic Partnerships Manager & App Tracking Specialist at Awin

If you would like to discuss app tracking for your Awin account then please contact your Account Manager or our Global Strategic Partnerships team.

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