Awin Infographic: Social Media Shopping Habits

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Based on an ongoing study carried out over the course of a year, Awin analysed the social media shopping habits of 2,264 people over the age of 18.

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Results of Awin's study reveal that as many as 14% of British people have bought items through a social media channel in the last year.

The below infographic illustrates fashion and beauty as the most popular sectors. Fashion has been pin pointed as leading in popularity with 49% of purchases made.

“This research supports what we are seeing, that social media is playing an increasingly important role as a retailing channel, and, when executed properly, its contribution to a brand’s success is unquestionable. Social media is more and more commonly becoming the first place consumers go to when searching for products, but it doesn’t always necessarily translate into buying, either due to concerns over fraud or shoppers hunting around to find a better deal. I expect to see an increase in the functionality offered to buy products through social media channels incorporating technologies like visual search and universal checkout.” – Ian Charlesworth, UK Country Manager, Awin 

Infographic: social media shopping habits




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