OMR #DMC20: Our Highlights

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On 17th and 18th June, digital marketing experts from across Europe tuned in for OMR’s first virtual masterclass offering. 

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Two thought-provoking days saw 60+ sessions take place, centred around OMR’s highly favoured masterclass format. Each masterclass allowed all in attendance an opportunity to deep dive into an assortment of topics to acquire actionable insights. The learning wasn’t limited to the online sessions, as everyone was provided with a link to an online hub where session hosts and attendees joined a live Q&A followed by facilitated conversation. Keen not to lose the networking element of the event despite it being hosted online, OMR ensured that all online communities were curated around common themes so that seamless networking could take place. 

Boasting a comprehensive agenda covering sessions on how to level up with print mailing to a Spotify feature detailing how ‘The Future of Audio is Now’ to ‘Why your media assumptions are wrong and how we can prove it’, OMR had a session for every marketers needs, woes and aspirations.  

Included in the agenda, Awin CEO Mark Walters presented a session around how to be more efficient with your marketing featuring examples and data from our strategic partner, SingleView. Mark delved into how assumptions can be expensive and why it’s important to ensure you’re being more accurate with your approach. In the current climate where there is more digital inventory than ever before and possibly restricted budget; growing sales whilst lowering marketing costs is vital. The presentation was framed around four different assumptions that arise: 

  • Assumption 1: I know where my sales come from. 
  • Assumption 2: I know which channels work best for my brand.  
  • Assumption 3: I know which channels don't work. 
  • Assumption 4: I know how my customers find me online.

Watch our Masterclass here. 

 of our highlights include: 

  • Vodafone presented ‘Connecting Brand & Communication - How to increase your brand’s success with transparent communication’ (Please note this session was presented in German) covering how all stakeholders, both internal and external, can communicate on-brand in a transparent and agile way, incorporating the addition of changing circumstances. Using insights to paint a picture, the team used their #WeKeepYouGoing Initiative as an example of how to master turbulent times effectively as a united front.  
  • Pinterest presented ‘Christmas in June!? … Sorry we’re late. Let’s catch up with what Pinnners have planned’ where they covered how we all love looking forward to having something to look forward to. This future-gazing, engaged audience creates a unique opportunity for brands to meet and ignite inspiration from consideration to action, all supported with exemplary data.  
  • On both days, OMR CEO Philip Westermeyer hosted a Keynote ‘Lunchtime Takeover’ where he discussed the state of the German internet. Philip set the back-drop to the session discussing life through a marketing lens where he touched upon the evolution of the channel through the customer-led revolution to the current state of too much choice. His keynote was underpinned with surprising stats including:
    • If Airpods were a stand-alone company, they would be worth €14bn in sales which equates to Red Bull, PUMA & BOSE’s total sales. 
    • Almost one in three Germans is an Amazon subscriber meaning Amazon has now overtaken the Evangelical Church with its members.  

Philip Westermeyer at OMR

If you’re interested in reading snippets of sessions, check out #DMC20 on Facebook and Twitter. If you’d like to watch the sessions, OMR will be sending around a masterclass booklet with links to watch selected sessions; make sure you’re signed up to the OMR newsletter to avoid missing outWe look forward to (virtually) seeing you all at the next event we’ll be participating in, Affiliate Summit Europe: Remote. 

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