Awin Advertisers can now create trackable TikTok Ads with Sellers Alley

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Advertisers can now optimise and track influencer activity on TikTok via managed ad campaigns at CPC rates, following our latest #AwinningPartnership.

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Awin Advertisers can now take advantage of TikTok’s surging popularity within the influencer space following the latest partnership between Awin and the advertising agency, and the official TikTok marketing partner, Sellers Alley.  

Sellers Alley creates winning advertising strategies via Amazon PPC, Google Ads, Amazon DSP and TikTok advertising services. After identifying a gap in the market, Awin and Sellers Alley have integrated to optimise TikTok ads with affiliate tracking. 

TikTok’s unique platform benefits both users and brands with discovery, enables brands to access a highly engaged community, particularly Gen-Z audiences, and to expand reach. The app surpassed two billion mobile downloads worldwide in October 2020 and, on average, 315 seconds are spent on TikTok per session (compared to 144 seconds on Instagram). 

As an official TikTok marketing partner, Sellers Alley has partnered with Awin to develop Ad Strategies on behalf of Awin Advertisers and at no additional service cost. Advertisers can leverage short-form video and influencer content efficiently within the TikTok feed on an agreed campaign rate.  

In addition, the Sellers Alley partnership grants Awin Advertisers access to multiple incentives such as social listening boosted posts, and early bird previews of new features on the TikTok platform. 

This latest integration enables Advertisers to view top performing influencer content within the Awin dashboard, in addition to Sellers Alley data insights, and to tap into the buying potential of the TikTok platform – with over 90% of TikTok users accessing the app daily.  

Brands can leverage multiple TikTok ad formats, including:  

  • In-feed 
  • Top-view 
  • Branded effects 
  • Brand takeovers 
  • Branded hashtag challenges 
  • Collection ads 

How can brands get started? 

Advertisers can register campaign interest with their Awin Account Manager, and an initial briefing will be arranged with Sellers Alley. This will include campaign goal setting, establishing budget frameworks and creating an advertiser content inventory. All brands will receive dedicated account management from Sellers Alley, and a TikTok for Business account will be created on behalf of the Awin Advertiser (this is not a pre-requisite). 

Awin advertisers can select from two different forms of TikTok ad campaigns based on target KPIs: performance and/or brand awareness.  

  • Performance campaigns will require the implementation of a TikTok pixel and a confirmed fixed fee budget that will be used to optimise campaigns against CPA. 
  • Brand awareness campaigns do not require pixel implementation and will run on an agreed CPC budget. 

What are the brand content requirements? 

Awin advertisers are required to send all advertising materials and Awin URL deeplinks to Sellers Alley in advance of the campaign. To capture audience attention and optimise reach, Sellers Alley will require between 3-5 different content pieces that will be rotated every 7-10 days. Video content will need to be in portrait mode, have accompanying ad copy, and all music must be copyright protected. 

CPC rates and flat fee budgets are to be agreed upon prior to the campaign going live. 

Want to leverage this #AwinningPartnership to test your affiliate activity on TikTok? Register your interest now and chat with our Influencer team to get started. 

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