Understand the true value of Black Friday and Cyber Monday with Awin and SingleView Affiliate

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Data-driven attribution and touch-point analysis has never been more affordable or quicker to implement

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The imminent approach of the Cyber Weekend is a huge opportunity to understand the intricacies of your traffic, the numerous touchpoints on the path to purchase and the real value of your affiliate partners. The insights available during the busiest trading period of the year by sheer volume alone can shape your strategy, partnerships and growth for 2020.

Earlier in the summer, Awin partnered with SingleView to give our clients exclusive access to a market leading data driven attribution solution at a price point and ease of integration that is unmatched in the digital industry. The case study  with Tyres On The Drive showed that through enhanced understanding, decisions based on SingleView data drastically improved return on ad spend (ROAS) and proved invaluable to the overall growth and long term profitability of their affiliate partnerships.

The same technology has now been streamlined and positioned to ensure that any Awin client utilising our Advertiser MasterTag can quickly understand their affiliate activity in the wider context of all their online campaigns even faster and more affordably than ever. SingleView Affiliate gives the same level of accuracy and detail for the affiliate channel with top-line insights from the other channels. Available through the MasterTag, SingleView Affiliate can be activated within 24 hours ensuring as much data as possible over the busiest period can be gathered, analysed and acted on.

After 45 days of gathering data and mapping out the touchpoints and their associated values, your Awin account manager and SingleView will take you through your data to help plan a strategy to increase your ROAS and optimise the partnerships on your affiliate programme. In order to apply SingleView Affiliate insights before the Cyber Weekend then the plugin should be activated by 15th October at the latest. If it is after this date then your traffic over the Cyber Weekend can still be analysed but the planning and actions session will fall after Black Friday (29th November).

With the busiest trading period in the affiliate calendar coming up there really is no better time to start understanding the interactions of your traffic and the value delivered by your affiliates on the path to consumer purchase. You can sign up here and be up and running within 24 hours.


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