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In these changed times it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, our routines put on hold as we struggle to adapt to whatever new daily reality we have to face.

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While affiliate marketing can’t solve the current global crisis, it has a familiar sense of community that gives us focus and a place to come together. In these stressful times Awin’s commitment to you is that we will work to keep you informed, supported and engaged with the wider affiliate world.

Today we’re launching our information hub where we bring you the latest news from Awin as well as links to network insights and useful pointers, alongside wider updates.

Beyond keeping you informed, we’re also announcing an initiative aimed at easing the financial load for small businesses for whom the Coronavirus presents the biggest threat to their future existence.

A leg up for SMEs

From today we will waive the monthly fee for the first three months for businesses launching an affiliate programme via our Awin Access level of service. This is in addition to zero set up fees.

While Awin Access is currently only live in the UK, we’re bringing forward our launch of Awin Access in Germany to support local businesses with the same discounted offer. If you’d like to find out more whether your business qualifies please contact us here if you’re in the UK and here if you’re in Germany.

Protecting our publishers

It isn’t just advertisers facing an uphill struggle. Publishers too are feeling the strain as some brands look to make changes to the way they run their programmes. We are therefore committing to give at least seven days’ notice before any commission changes are made. We are also publishing information on any programmes that are impacted by the Coronavirus that will be updated by our account teams.

Remember you can always check the payment credentials of every brand on the network against their traffic light status. The green, amber and red colour coding gives you assurances on how secure your commission earnings are. For advertisers with an amber status, we also provide additional information about how exposed your commissions are. For Awin Access programmes we also take pre-payment to guarantee pay out on validated commission.

We know that some publishers have created new ways for brands to work with them. We want to feature some of these opportunities on our hub and welcome publishers to contact us here with details.

Also look out for perspectives from the network so publishers can target their activity to changing consumer needs. We’ll be posting a weekly sector tracker that will show how our verticals are performing across every market we service.

If you have any suggestions for us about how we can foster closer ties with you and other parts of the industry, we’d love to hear from you and don’t forget to bookmark this page.

In a world where events suddenly seem overwhelming, we hope Awin can help maintain the personal relationships that bind our industry together. That’s our commitment to you.

Mark, Adam, Peter, Virpy

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