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Showcasing new publisher initiatives, the latest COVID-19 programme updates and sharing your views about the pandemic is impacting your business in our survey.

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One of the most disruptive consequences of the current COVID-19 outbreak on the industry is the rapid changes it is having on affiliate programmes.

With some brands left with nothing to sell and others overwhelmed by consumer demand, not to mention logistical challenges, budgetary considerations and safety concerns, there are a variety of reasons why brands are making changes to commission rates or suspending campaigns.

We remain committed to enforcing a seven-day notice period for all commission changes in order to ensure publishers have a minimum amount of time to adjust their promotions and content. 

Get the latest programme updates

Alongside that we're also publishing a comprehensive list of brands who have made changes, available in the notification banner at the top of the page when you log in to the uder interface. The file contains details of the change and, where suspended, we have marked each programme name with 'pause'. 

We are currently looking at incorporating any changes to validation periods within the same file and will be looking to roll out across all the markets we serve.

Championing our publishers

In addition, we're also launching a new initiative aimed at showcasing publisher moves to go above and beyond at this difficult time. Whether it's showcasing NHS discounts or TopCashback who are matching member donations to support frontline workers, we want to hear from businesses offering similar schemes.

If you are a publisher and want to share with advertisers on the network, check out our post on how to get involved.

Finally, when you log in to our interface you'll also see another banner asking for your thoughts about how COVID-19 is impacting your business. We'd be really grateful if you could fill out the survey via the link in the banner.

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