Why The Science Behind Ecommerce is important to the Telco Sector

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Awin’s annual affiliate marketing conference, The Science Behind Ecommerce, is just around the corner.

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Above: Nicola Wellington, Awin Telco Specialist 

Taking place on 14th June at the iconic Science Museum, we will be welcoming advertisers and publishers alike to enjoy a day of dynamic discussion and networking.

Spanning across all verticals and industries including fashion, travel and telecoms, this network first event will showcase the ideas and technical brilliance of leading marketers in the digital space and will delve into uncovering the science and theory of online marketing, user experience and website conversion.

As Awin’s resident Telco Specialist, I am witness to the velocity and speed at which the telco sector is constantly developing and moving. As consumers, we are demanding more and more from our mobile and broadband providers and are continuously striving for quality and excellence. The Science Behind Ecommerce explores the telco scene further with our workshop entitled ‘Consumer Behaviour In A Telco World’.

Not only are telco brands at the forefront of the technical sphere, telco advertisers are also raising their standards across the digital and performance marketing landscape, developing new ways to keep their affiliate marketing strategies apace with campaigns involving AI and VR alongside new product launches. With top advertisers in attendance at The Science Behind E-Commerce, including BT, EE, Plusnet, TalkTalk, Carphone Warehouse and Mobiles.co.uk, this conference is a golden opportunity for publishers to gain an insight into what the future holds for affiliate marketing in telecoms, including the prospects for traditional price comparison and the opportunities for content optimisation, and across all verticals.

The Science Behind E-Commerce conference is a go-to for every forward-thinking advertiser and publisher. You can access the itinerary here for more information regarding our exclusive workshops and key topics including internationalisation, industry breaking news and data informed trends.

We look forward to seeing you all there, and if you still need to register your place, you can do so here

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