How to advance your voucher code strategy with Global Savings Group’s Dynamic Coupons

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According to research conducted in multiple markets by the Global Savings Group (GSG), up to 25% of consumers actively search for a voucher when shopping online.

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So how can advertisers make sure they offer the right voucher, at the right time for their customers? Enter Dynamic.Coupons, a GSG solution enabling advertisers to personalise vouchers depending on the customer’s basket.

Alexander Hold, Global Project Lead Dynamic Solutions at GSG shares how the tool works, it’s success with a leading French fashion retailer, and how advertisers can get started.

Can you tell us a bit about the Global Savings Group?

The Global Savings Group (GSG) is a worldwide active commerce content platform. GSG operates more than 100 digital portals and tools in 23 markets. We offer a range of products along the customer journey, from sales day portals, curated travel deals websites, to discount codes. From discovery to purchase.

Our aim is to connect commerce to content. We work closely with media publishers, combining their reach with our commerce content. Thereby we enable our affiliate partners to reach high-intent consumers at scale and publishers to unlock the real value of their audiences and assets. Currently, we generate one transaction every three seconds, around the globe.

The voucher code market is a fiercely competitive one – what sets you apart from other voucher code platforms?

Our strongest assets are our people, real global reach, and our proprietary technology.

For each of the over 20 markets we operate in, GSG has a dedicated team of account managers and editors working on the ground and can translate global to local strategies and vice-versa. Our global network of regional hubs that connect us to our local partners sets us apart from most of our competitors.

Our scalable technology helps us to build a unique product for our partners and adapt quickly to new demands and trends. We have over 100 people working on improving our tech product and services, a number which is rare in the affiliate industry, making us a powerful solution provider.

How does Dynamic.Coupons work? How does it benefit consumers?

Dynamic.Coupons allow the advertiser to personalise voucher codes and deals on GSGs platforms to match the basket of the customer. Effectively we recognise what the customer is shopping for and as a result, adapt our offerings in real time to show the most relevant discounts to each customer. This greatly enhances the user experience, as customers see more relevant discounts, which improve conversions and generates a higher Average Order Value (AOV) for the advertiser.

Why should advertisers use Dynamic.Coupons?

If your goal as a marketing manager is to increase AOV or drive higher conversions, Dynamic.Coupons is the ultimate performance tool. Through global research GSG has conducted, we know that in some markets up to 25% of customers are actively searching for vouchers. No marketing manager will forego 25% of their customers, especially if they can be easily retained using Dynamic.Coupons. Dynamic.Coupons gives the advertiser full control to optimise their voucher code strategy and focus on what provides them with the best Return on Investment (ROI), whether that be up-selling, cross selling, increasing conversion rate, etc.

What successes have you had with Awin advertisers using the tool so far?

At the beginning of the year, we onboarded one of France's largest fashion retailers together with Awin and have seen substantial results. The objective of the campaign was to increase AOV and drive a higher conversion rate and using Dynamic.Coupons did just that. AOV increased by 83% and conversion was 22% higher than regular vouchers. Overall, we have seen the Total Order Value increase by 108% since we implemented Dynamic.Coupons, effectively doubling voucher code revenues for the advertiser. The campaign is still live after four months and we are constantly analysing performance data and actively optimising the campaign to provide the best possible ROI.

Currently we are rolling out Dynamic.Coupons globally and have seen many similar success cases across other markets and categories.

I’m an advertiser and I want to use Dynamic Coupons. What are the technical requirements needed for set up? 

We learned early on that Dynamic.Coupons needs to be easy and straightforward to implement, which is why we have designed a simple four step implementation process:

  • Define objective: For us to run a smooth implementation process and run a successful campaign, we need to know exactly what the advertiser wants to achieve.
  •  Implement snippet: We will provide a custom designed snippet, containing only the tags needed to meet the objective. The snippet must be implemented onto the basket page, so we know which voucher to show when the customer comes to one of our platforms for a discount.
  • Setup tags: The advertiser can use any tag manager to populate the tags of the snippet. For example, the basket value could equal €39.90. Often the marketing manager has direct access to the tag manager, which makes the process even smoother.
  • Define scenarios and setup coupons: The final step is to design the preferred scenarios (display voucher X with minimum order value of €70 to customer with less than €60 in their basket) and setup the coupons. We have trained our account managers globally so you can leverage our knowledge and experience to ensure the most successful campaign. 

 Does the tool comply with GDPR?

Data privacy and the trust of our advertisers is very important to us and it is the core of everything we do. This is also true for the Dynamic.Coupons, where all data is siloed, and no data is available across advertisers. We are closely monitoring data privacy regulations in all markets and are investing a lot of resources in keeping our services and offerings up to date with the latest requirements. Over 20 of Europe's largest online retailers have approved Dynamic.Coupons and have adopted a voucher code strategy.

 Which markets is the tool live in?

Dynamic.Coupons are offered across all markets where we have a presence. This includes most of Europe: Germany, France, Netherlands, UK, Nordics, Spain and Italy. We also offer Dynamic.Coupons across the Atlantic in Brazil, and our Southeast Asian customers are also benefiting from this powerful tool. Very soon we will have our first advertisers live in Australia.

Want to know more about Dynamic.Coupons? Get in touch here.

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